9 Apr 2022 By May Ng

The Reverie Saigon Presents Vietnam’s Finest Chinese Culinary Experience

Hong Kong Chef Lau Yam Chuen takes the helm at The Royal Pavilion overseeing an exemplary menu of Cantonese favourites 

Overlooking the picturesque Nguyen Hue Boulevard in Saigon, The Royal Pavilion at The Reverie Saigon, the most extravagant landmark hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, is known for its highly sought after Chinese cuisine. The skilful Hong Kong Chef Lau Yam Chuen presides over the finest Chinese dining experience to be found in all of Vietnam showcasing a menu of Cantonese favourites, bringing his expert knowledge and unique style to the kitchen of the acclaimed restaurant. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef Lau’s culinary career began when he was 16 years old. Over the past three decades, Chef Lau has worked in famous restaurants throughout Hong Kong including the Hong Kong Ying Jee Club when the restaurant received a 2- star Michelin rating in 2018.   

Holding a motto of fresh and good quality ingredients as the key to delicious food, Chef Lau loves using seasonal ingredients to create unique flavourful dishes, incorporating innovative cooking ideas for its style and taste. His specialities are Salt-crusted Roast Chicken, Stewed Rice with Deluxe Abalone, Pan-fried Crab Claw with Shrimp Paste, Crispy Conpoy and Caviar, all presented in a new refined style at The Royal Pavilion. 

The Royal Pavilion is beautifully designed with the discerning traveller in mind featuring works by some of Italy’s most acclaimed brands brought together to present an eclectic, yet complementary array of interior design styles marked by one common thread – a celebration of the exceptional skill and beauty behind Italian artistry and craftsmanship. Jade stones, vermillion and traditional Chinese scenes painted on gold leaf are juxtaposed with furnishings and tableware designed by Provasi of Italy to accentuate the restaurant’s stately ambience.