The Tai Pan Introduces a New Menu Concept

Starting from November 2019, The Tai Pan will introduce a refreshed menu to delight travelers and epicureans alike. Spearheaded by Executive Chef Terrence Crandall, The Tai Pan’s new menu will embrace modern bistro fare with a focus on the finest organic and artisanal produce in a creative yet approachable culinary style.

Diners can expect a refined yet relaxed dining experience. From daily specials informed by the season’s best to reinvented classics and engaging tableside service, alongside live carvings expertly presented from the gueridon in the evening, the sumptuous menu promises to pamper any palate.


Hailing from Chicago, Chef Crandall honed his skills across the United States before setting foot in Asia. Throughout his career, Chef Crandall has built longstanding relationships with boutique producers and purveyors across the globe, placing great emphasis on passionate people who pour their hearts into their work; from pasture to abattoir, farm to table.

With thoughtfully sourced artisanal ingredients as the starting point, Chef Crandall’s tantalizing culinary creations are a culmination of the inspirations from his travels, his knack for innovative flavour combinations, as well as, his free-form American sensibilities. The seasonal Hairy Crab Risotto (HKD 220) was inspired by a crab congee he had while feeling under the weather, this seemingly Western dish enhanced with complementary traditional Chinese elements interpreted in a modern manner – Carnaroli rice simmered in ginger-infused stock, topped with balsamic vinegar pearls and coriander foam.

Standouts on the new menu include The Tai Pan Signature Lobster Caesar Salad (HKD 270). Procured from the chilly waters along the Canadian coast, Maine lobster is served in succulent chunks; its shells roasted and infused into a rich lobster oil. The lobster oil is then imbued into the salad dressing for an added umami and deep crustacean flavour.


Inspired by the comforting peanut butter and jam sandwiches that he grew up eating, Chef Crandall offers an ode to the parallels between peanut butter and foie gras with a grown-up rendition, the Foie Gras PB & J (HKD 230). Seared slab of foie gras is served on French-toasted brioche with rhubarb and strawberry compote for refreshing acidity. The indulgent plate is topped with freeze-dried raspberries and toasted pistachios for textural contrast.

Drawing influences from America’s melting pot culture, The Tai Pan’s latest selection of mains will help the global traveller feel right at home. Highlights include the tender White Miso Glazed Pantagonian Toothfish (HKD 390), a refined take on the Japanese home-cooking staple served with oden-braised daikon, shimeji mushrooms and miso espuma. Diners missing the Mediterranean will be delighted by the Slow Roasted Australian Lamb Loin (HKD 320). Lamb sourced from New Zealand is marinated with exotic spices and paired with roasted eggplant caponata and crispy chickpea panisse brimming with chardonnay vinegar-toasted pine nuts and mint.


The crown jewel on the menu is the grilled Full-Blooded Wagyu Beef Ribeye M6 (HKD 1380) from the celebrated Mayura Farms, a small artisanal ranch in Australia where cattle are fed with chocolates and sweets for a unique and luxurious flavour. Best enjoyed by two, the beef is grilled to medium-rare perfection and expertly carved tableside.


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