11 Nov 2022 By May Ng

TheStandard, Huruvalhi Maldives Relax and Rejuvenate

Relax and Rejuvenate with an exclusive wellness residency by Azusa Segawa

Bringing a new realm of detoxifying and energising experiences to The Standard Spa, Azusa Segawa’s6-week residency will take place from 20th October until 30th November 2022 on the island getaway

Found nestled in the Raa Atoll on Huruvalhi Island, The Standard, Huruvalhi Maldives is excited to welcome wellness superstar, Azusa Segawa, to the idyllic island retreat. Specialising in Chi Nei Tsang, Reiki and Thai Massage, Azusa Segawa is part of the island’s ongoing series of wellness residencies at the resort.

Having trained under Grand Master Mantak Chia in Thailand and attended Buddhist teaching by His Holiness the Dalai Lama in India, Azusa Segawa shares her global expertise and passion for cultural wellness practices with guests, offeringpersonalised treatments in energising abdominal massages, re-discovered Reiki healing, and traditional Thai massage body work in combination with Chi Nei Tsang. Through treatments designed to rebalance energy systems and stimulate physical healing, Asuza’s residency brings the best of Thai, Indian and Chinese practices to the heart of the Maldives.

Azusa Segawa’s first class treatments will be available for all guests to experience throughout her residency at theproperty’s very own The Standard Spa. Treatments include Chi Nei Tsang, an ancient detoxifying and energisingabdominal massage and internal organ therapy focusing on the abdomen, clearing out blocked energy and emotions,beneficial for digestive problems, emotional stagnation, and intestinal blockages; Reiki, known as ‘universal life energy’,stimulating the body’s energy flow through from the palms of the practitioner to the patient, encouraging emotional and physical healing to reduce stress and heal the physical ailments; and Thai Body Work with Chi Nei Tsang, a traditional massage from Northern Thailand using slow movements of the feet and elbows in combination with Chi Nei Tsang fordeep relaxation, stress relief, and improved quality of sleep.