14 Dec 2022 By May Ng

“THIS IS FORWARDISM” The All-New BMW i7  All-Electric Luxury Flagship Sedan Descending on K11 MUSEA

Trailblazing AR Filter Inaugural Collaboration between BMW & Artisan Lounge “BMW Festive Odyssey” Limited-time Christmas Afternoon Tea Luxuriate in Festive Delicacy and Exquisite Art in a Memorable Holiday with Family and Friends

BMW rings in an electrifying festive season this year by illuminating the K11 MUSEA with the all-new all-electric flagship luxury sedan BMW i7 on a glitzy golden stage. From now until December 28, MUSE EDITION of K11 MUSEA will become the talk of town with the all-new BMW i7 “THIS IS FORWARDISM” Pop-Up Showcase featuring a stunning stage dressed in lustrous gold. The recognizable “i7” logo and the dazzling LED pillars lead your way up to the vibrant and opulent stage formed by a LED floor. The electric currents and infinite electrification are visualized into the digital artworks on the floor, illustrating the mesmerizing all-electric allure of BMW i7. The BMW i7 design mantra of “THIS IS FORWARDISM” shines on stage to welcome all distinguished guests.

The all-new BMW i7 “THIS IS FORWARDISM” Pop-Up Showcase takes both online and on-site registration.  Get up close to the awe-inspiring luxury, poise, elegance and innovation of the BMW i7 – an apex of auto-making. Register to try out the specifically tailored mobile AR filter and embark on an unparalleled journey of “THIS IS FORWARDISM” with BMW i7. Be captivated by the magnificent light tunnel inspired by the state-of-the-art “BMW Iconic Glow” kidney grille contour lighting, and feel the majestic prestige of pure-electric artistry.

To celebrate the debut of the all-new pure-electric flagship luxury sedan BMW i7, BMW has joined hands with Artisan Lounge, which is famous for its afternoon tea, to launch a limited-time afternoon tea set named “BMW Festive Odyssey” Christmas Afternoon Tea Set. Not only to experience the BMW i7 Pop-Up Showcase at K11 MUSEA, you may also indulge in a splendid and delicious afternoon tea set for HK$1,188 (for 2) for a perfect day to remember.

  Themed around spreading joy over the festive holiday, “BMW Festive Odyssey” Christmas Afternoon Tea by BMW and Artisan Lounge is an invitation to a gastronomic world of both savoury and sweet delicacies, presented in Artisan Lounge’s signature, suspended setup. Start the journey underwater with the Lobster Balloon Rice Paper and Seafood Igloo. Then, whet your appetite with Foie Gras Souffle on Orange Polenta Cube; Duck Confit with Red Currant Marmalade; the golden Festive Turkey Vol au Vent; and the Vegetable Gratin all packed with impeccable flavours!


Date : December 8 (Thursday) – December 28 (Wednesday), 2022
Time : 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Location : MUSE EDITION, G/F, K11 MUSEA, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
Event Details : https://bit.ly/3FLP8Ba