22 Jun 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE

TIA Wellness Resort in Vietnam Launches Creative Healing Retreats

Moving beyond yoga and massage, TIA Wellness Resort is harnessing the power of breath, art, energy healing, and nourishing plant-based cuisine in its new ‘Creative Healing Retreat,’ launching this month.

The four- or seven-night offering is designed to alleviate stress or anxiety in guests who feel their life and emotions have become imbalanced and who want to improve their wellbeing, to release negative feelings and to feel more vibrant and centered. The private retreat is offered year-round allowing guests to book-in at a time that suits their schedule.

“People want to go deeper, they want to get more from their holidays than just time on the beach or in the spa,” said Ramon Imper, general manager of TIA Wellness. “They want to use their time away to reflect, reenergize and reimagine their everyday life.”

The retreat begins before guests arrive with a pre-arrival consultation, wellness guidance, and intention setting, through the newly-launched TIA app. Once on site the program draws on three main elements that are offered daily: Reiki, creative art workshops, and breathwork. All healing techniques are prominent practices that are gaining recognition for their ability to help people self-heal.

The first pillar, Reiki, is a form of energy healing developed in Japan. It has become more mainstream as a wellness tool and is now common in western hospitals as an alternative medicine. The practice, which embraces the idea that we are more than just our physical body, works by releasing emotional and mental blocks that we hold onto on an energetic level.

The second pillar of creativity draws from the idea that just as people learn differently, people release emotions differently. Creative workshops use art exercises to help participants reflect, express and release stress and negativity.

The third pillar harnesses the power of the breath, the easiest self-help tool that is always available. Mindful daily breathing gives rise to a myriad of benefits from regulating blood pressure and improving immune system function to creating calm, peaceful feelings.

The above techniques are complemented by daily therapies at the 22-treatment room wellness center, which is at the heart of the property. These take the form of aromatherapy massages and Himalayan heart stone treatments to relieve tense muscles and promote calm. Sound healing is also offered through singing bowl sessions, with the soothing, meditative frequencies working through vibration and sound to induce a deep feeling of peace and relaxation. Yoga and Tai Chi are optional extras available each day.

A plant-based meal plan is an essential part of the retreat, ensuring participants get the full benefit from the program through balanced nutrition. The property follows an ‘Eat light, feel bright’ food philosophy that highlights nutrient-dense, whole foods. The biggest meal of the day is breakfast with the smallest number of courses on offer at dinner.

While the four-night option centers on time at the property, and in the wellness center, the seven-night stay incorporates exploration of the destination and putting some of the practices learned into play in local places of spiritual significance. For example a private Tai Chi session in the Marble Mountains, five limestone and marble peaks named for the five elements; and meditation at Lady Buddha, Vietnam’s tallest Buddha statue, is included in the week-long itinerary.

The TIA app also has practices and reminders for guests after their stay.

TIA Wellness Resort is situated along a picturesque stretch of powdery sand in Da Nang. The property features 87 private pool villas and two expansive pools, an infinity pool overlooking the ocean and a quiet adults-only pool within the wellness center. TIA also has a full fitness center, in addition to a yoga studio and meditation room.

Prices for the four-night retreat starts from USD 2,753++ and a seven-night stay starts at USD 4,353++ (available for single occupancy only)

For more information visit: https://tiawellnessresort.com/private-retreats/ or email wellness@tiawellnessresort.com