23 Mar 2024 By May Ng

Tiffany & Co. High Jewelry Event in Shanghai

Tiffany & Co. unveiled Jean Schlumberger by Tiffany & Co.™ Bird on a Pearl capsule collection in Shanghai. As a classic design by the brand’s legendary designer Jean Schlumberger, the vibrant bird once perched on precious gems now stands atop a natural wild pearl, unfolding a series of extraordinary artistic masterpieces. The event showcased hundreds of jewelry pieces, each exemplifying Tiffany’s exceptional craftsmanship and luminous heritage.

The Bird on a Pearl pieces incorporate multiple thematic elements from Jean Schlumberger’s creative designs, pairing with the pearl’s delicate and rich hues to vividly portray the enchanting charm and variegated beauty of the seasons. Also on display were the new Rainbow Bird on a Rock brooches, Out of the Blue high jewelry pieces of the Blue Book High Jewelry Collection, and a range of exquisite works including classic designs by Jean Schlumberger, all showcasing Tiffany’s unique craftsmanship and stylistic vocabulary with their rich and splend2. Carina Lau at Tiffany & Co. High Jewelry Event in Shanghai.jpegid designs.

Tiffany & Co. will debut its first eight Rainbow Bird on a Rock creations this spring. Among the unique designs is a brooch showcasing a rare black opal of over 35 carats featuring an exceptional play-of-color with flashes of red, orange and purple, and another with a stunning champagne yellow zircon of over 66 carats. Other designs playfully feature turquoise accents on the bird, one of which is set with a striking rubellite of over 68 carats and another with a blue tourmaline of over 56 carats, evoking a tropical ocean. Paillonné enamel details, also seen throughout the designs, are a tribute to Jean Schlumberger and his love of the material. During his time, the designer revived this 19th-century technique, a complex process whereby layers of translucent colored enamel are fired over 24k gold foil, resulting in translucent, vivid hues.

The capsule collection is a tribute to Jean Schlumberger’s enduring vision. It celebrates and uplifts the expert craftsmanship and extraordinary design sensibility that continue to drive Tiffany High Jewelry.

Elaine Zhong at Tiffany & Co. High Jewelry Event in Shanghai