Work Hard For Nature

Modern workwear for a better world

With a heritage built on the pursuit of adventure, Timberland designs apparel with the needs of the explorer and respect for the environment in mind. This season, Timberland builds upon its forward-thinking Nature Needs Heroes campaign by adhering to its long-standing commitment to create products responsibly while steadily increasing its use of recycled, organic and renewable materials over time.

This season, heritage comes to the forefront via the time-honored tradition of workwear. As a cornerstone in the world of workwear thanks to the iconic 6” Boot, Timberland once again redefines the meaning of workwear for a new era, by incorporating street style and sustainable materials with the Nature Needs Heroes philosophy for the Spring/Summer 2020 season. Inspired by the problem-solving attitude of Timberland wearers from all walks of life, this collection aims to bring people together in the belief that we can all work hard to create a better future for the planet.

As a highly regarded actor with a passion for the outdoors, Asia Eco Hero Yo Yang perfectly embodies the Nature Needs Heroes ideal. Yang has been a fundamental figure in spreading awareness of the environment through personal projects such as the ‘Birthday Project,’ a household plant packaged in a recycled and biodegradable container that serves as a constant reminder of the importance of nature in our everyday lives. He has also participated in Timberland’s desert reforestation project in China’s Horqin Desert, where volunteers planted saplings by hand to reverse the effects of habitat destruction with the help of Japanese NGO, Green Network. “Even small actions can make tremendous changes,” says Yang. “My goal is to not only make a positive impact but encourage others to support Mother Earth.”

TIMBERLAND 2020年春夏系列


為環境保護出一分力  引領世界踏出更綠色未來

[香港 – 2020年1月22日] Timberland一直秉承著品牌追求冒險的概念,並致力於環境保護,無論任何天氣或地區,都能為探索者提供集時尚與環保於一身的功能系列。新一季Timberland繼續呼應Nature Needs Heroes企劃,一如以往向著保護環境的承諾進發,並於產品設計中逐漸採用更多回收、有機及可再生物料製造,引領世界踏出更綠色未來。

Timberland的經典6吋皮靴,為工裝歷史定下基石,而2020年的春夏,Timberland重現品牌經典,並繼續呼應Nature Needs Heroes的企劃理念, 以可持續物料糅合街頭風格,重新打造引領潮流的時尚工裝。Timberland希望能以此系列連繫不同社區,一起解決地球正在面對的環境問題,為大家身處的世界帶來改變,共建美好將來。

知名演員楊祐寧一向喜愛大自然,與Nature Needs Heroes企劃理念不謀而合。楊祐寧一直致力喚起大家對環境保護的關注,曾自發參與個人環保項目「Birthday Project」,希望以循環再用及可降解物料包裝的家種植物,提醒大家日常生活中大自然的重要性。他還參與了Timberland在中國科爾沁沙漠的造林計劃,在日本非牟利組織Green Network的幫助下以人手種植樹苗,希望減少沙塵暴的影響。 楊祐寧表示:「我相信小小的工作也可帶來巨大改變。 我的目標不僅是為地球帶來正面影響,而且要鼓勵其他人一起保護我們的大地。」

Timberland 2020春夏便誠邀楊祐寧作為亞洲區地球英雄演繹以工裝風格設計的系列。此系列以無化學或農藥成份的有機棉及Timberland專利ReBOTL™襯裡製造 (由至少50%的回收塑膠瓶製成),希望運用這些可持續發展的創新物料以減低對環境的破壞。