Times Square x emograms launches “Houseful of Joy”

As Chinese New Year approaches, many Hong Kongers are looking forward to the coming of the new year more than ever before! The ever so thoughtful Times Square especially invited Hungarian visual artist and designer, Kissmiklos to make his debut in Hong Kong, which uses his signature emograms as the inspiration behind the “Houseful of Joy” New Year Project. From January 18 to February 28, 2021, a huge art installation of emograms, interactive cheering zone, and art exhibition, shall bring you endless joy and smiles to Hong Kong people who have been secluded behind daily mask wearing in the past year.  At the same time, January 25 to February 8, 2021, upon designated spending at Times Square you could redeem a limited edition exquisite Temari ball designed red packet set and a stylish fortune bag. Join Times Square this Chinese New Year to pass on sincere blessings to everyone around.


The golden smiley face ball falls from the sky. The giant emograms ™  and lucky cat art installation signify prosperity and good fortune

Hungarian visual artist and designer Kissmiklos is known for integrating architecture, art, design, and graphic design to create visually impactful stories. Inspired by the word “emoji” which was once selected as the “Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year”, he designed his well-known emograms serieswhich showcases a variety of emotional facial expression from everyday life, created by various arrangements of alphabetical punctuations. The emograms series of Kissmiklos has been frequently published in the famous design magazine “BRAND”, and the Ball.Room project was exhibited at the 2019 Gwangju Design Biennale, which became a social media hotspot. This time, invited by Times Square to jointly create the “Houseful of Joy” New Year Project, Kissmiklos has made several breakthroughs in his design to cater to the festive atmosphere of the New Year.


As you enter Times Square’s atrium, a giant emograms light installation will immediately catch your attention. Be greeted by 8 giant inflatable emograms showing smiles full of positivity and auspicious New Year vibe, including the English characters “COOL”, “LOVED”, “HAPPY”, “FULL”, “SMILE”, “GOOD”, “LUCKY” and “ENJOY”. For the first time, Kissmiklos uses metallic tones in his design work, which not only implies auspiciousness, but also perfectly brings out New Year’s atmosphere of prosperity and harmony!


The art installation composed of two giant emograms “GOOD” and “LUCK” are equally eye-catching. Among them, the metallic “LUCK” emogram was custom designed for this project. Between the two giant emograms, discover a large “福”  fai chun which is Kissmiklos’ first Chinese word design.The ambiance created by this art installation is bursting with the festivity and good fortune!

The giant interactive lottery balls cheering stations are equally exciting for everyone to enjoy. Discover three big lottery ball machines each representing “Sweet Honey”, “Full House of Gold and Silver” and “Full of Happiness” are filled with “LOVED”, “LUCKY” and “Full” emogram respectively. Press the control in front of the lottery ball machines to charge them up with vitality, and watch “Lucky” emograms toss and roll with great fortune!


On the opposite side of the cheering lottery machines sits a two-meter-high lucky cat art installation. For the first time, Kissmiklos designs on non-spherical objects, giving these lucky cats outfits that sports a Chinese New Year atmosphere. Three fluffy lucky cats of differing sizes each printed with the character “Fu” specially designed by Kissmiklos for this project. Standing in front of the giant “KUNG HEI FAT CHOI” signage, these lovable lucky cats are selfie ready and waiting to greet you with good fortune.


Finally, there will be an exhibition gallery at the center of the atrium. Six selected 3D emograms are displayed, including “GOOD”, “HAPPY”, “LOVED”, “LUCKY”, “ENJOY” and “SMILE”. While enjoying the classic designs of designer Kissmiklos, Times Square’s aim is to wish Hong Kongers a happy new year in 2021 blessed with good luck and laughter. Reminding everyone that even though we are wearing masks, do not forget to keep smiling and enjoy life.


Bringing you sincere wishes for the New Year with a limited edition Temari designed red packets and stylish fortune bag!


Chinese New Year is incomplete without lucky money from red packets.  Inspired by the Temari ball that symbolizes “Wealth and Reunion”, Times Square brings you a special limited edition “Wealthy Blessing”  red packet.  Temari balls originated in the Tang Dynasty in China. Not only does the Chinese writing of Temari ball symbolize bringing happiness to the people around you, the ancient Temari was an artefact believed to bring blessings to others.  Giving a red packet with such a special meaning in its design doubles up the blessings to loved ones.


The set of eight red packets include four circular and four traditional rectangular shaped red packets, each with various Temari ball designs.  These delicate red packets are comparable to art pieces; created with exquisite and craftsmanship such as embroidery, gold leafing etc. In addition, Times Square is launching a special “Good Luck” Bag, with a bright red color and a touch of gold, which fashionably augments the new year.


From 25 Jan – 8 Feb, upon same-day spending of certain amount (maximum 2 receipts) by electronic transaction to redeem “Wealthy Blessing” red packet and “Good Luck” Bag. Customers are required to register at https://timessquare.com.hk/member/index.php to join this promotion and enjoy the rewards.


Same day spending

by electronic payment

Can redeem
HK$1,000 or above A set of “Wealthy Blessing” Lai See
HK$2,000 or above A set of “Wealthy Blessing” Lai See and a ” Good Luck ” Lai See Bag

Limited daily quota for all items, first come first served. Available while stock lasts.

Terms and conditions apply.


Date:               25 Jan – 8 Feb 2021

Time:               10am-10pm

Location:         5/F and 9/F Redemption Counter