19 Jun 2024 By Linggi Chow

Tod’s Men’s Spring – Summer 2025 Collection

Artisanal Intelligence

For Tod’s, now more than ever, it is important to uphold the values of craftsmanship and keep people at the center of our interests. At a time when artificial intelligence is developing rapidly and powerfully, while bringing its benefits it also raises significant doubts and concerns about its use. Artisanal intelligence, with all its longstanding knowledge, will be a very useful tool to keep the individual at the center of the development process.

Merging the goals of artificial intelligence with the values of artisanal intelligence, which holds the individual, their skills, and their work as fundamental principles. This can be a good formula to ensure a future of human development as we all hope for. The artisanal system that develops around the world of Made in Italy can play a very important role in demonstrating that all this can be achieved if we want it.

The Pashmy project aims to represent the highest expression in the selection of leathers. The goal is to search for and select materials recognizable for their softness, lightness, and the unmistakable extraordinarily silky touch, reminiscent of the delicacy of pashmina. Its use gives rise to an exclusive collection that includes outerwear, such as the Bomber, the Gio Jacket, and the Shirt Jacket, bags like the new Di Bag sack, and footwear, including the iconic Tod’s T-Riviera and luxury sneakers.

For the first Men’s Collection by Creative Director Matteo Tamburini, quality, materials, and detailing take center stage in the Tod’s wardrobe. The garments are distinguished by timeless elegance and unmistakably Italian style, offering a contemporary and refined look.

The outerwear features innovative treatments on precious linens, presented on both formal-inspired blazers and overshirts, as well as being lined with a membrane and heat-sealed, as seen in the Field Jacket, for a modern and high-performance attitude.

The Gommino, an iconic product and symbol of Made in Italy, is enriched with a new sabot version in natural colors. The Bubble Gommino, an emblem of good taste and a relaxed style, is instead presented in the new boat model and with the T-bar accessory.

The bag collection features the iconic Di Bag in the new sack version and in various canvas and leather variants, ideal for weekends and leisure time. The T Timeless world for this season is represented by the new shopper and belts.



Artisanal Intelligence

對 Tod’s 而言,現今比過往任何時候更需要守護工藝的價值,貫徹以人爲本的精神。在人工 智能發展一日千里的今日,它在為人類社會帶來好處的同時,也引發大衆對其質疑和擔憂。 Artisanal intelligence(人工智能匠藝)所蘊藏的海量知識將成爲一個實用的工具,將有助個 人掌握及開創未來。

結合人工智能的優點與人工智能匠藝的價值觀,以個人支柱、技能和工作方面為基本原則。 Tod’s 深信,這將成爲人類未來的發展方案。而圍繞著「意大利製造」領域而開發而成的人 工智能匠藝將擔當一個非常重要的角色,證明如果我們願意嘗試探索新技藝,一切皆能實現。

Pashmy 計劃旨在體現選用最高水準的皮革。Tod’s 尋找並採用柔軟、輕盈和具有最佳絲滑觸 感、如同精緻羊絨般的皮料,催生出一個獨一無二的系列,當中包括飛行員外套、Gio 外套 和襯衫式外套、嶄新 Di Bag 款式,以至標誌性的 Tod’s T-Riviera 鞋款和高級時尚運動鞋款。

由創意總監 Matteo Tamburini 推出的首個男裝系列,無論是品質、材質和細節方面均是 Tod’s 衣櫥的焦點所在。服裝以永恆的優雅與意式風格為特色,帶來時尚又精緻的造型。

在外套方面,Tod’s 對珍貴的亞麻布料進行嶄新處理,將其應用於正裝西裝外套及襯衫式外 套之上,襯裡還採用薄膜和熱封技術,以軍褸為例,展現一種時尚又高性能的裝束。

Gommino 豆豆鞋作爲「意大利製造」的標誌性產品和象徵,今季帶來富自然色系的木底皮 鞋款式;而既高雅又休閑的 Bubble Gommino 也推出配有 T 型配飾的全新帆船鞋款式。

手袋方面,標誌性的 Di Bag 手袋 加添各種帆布和皮革製成的全新束口背包,非常適合週末 和休閒時光。本季的 T Timeless 系列則新增購物袋款式和腰帶。