10 Dec 2021 By May Ng

TOM FORD Private Blend fragrance, ÉBÈNE FUMÉ

TOM FORD presents the debut of his latest Private Blend fragrance, ÉBÈNE FUMÉ, merging the ancient purifying essence of Palo Santo with sensuous notes of African ebony wood – arousing a calm,enlightened luxury. Grounded in the sacred ritual of Palo Santo, the scent evokes a transcendent,centering aura amidst heated woods, fresh herbs, mesmerizing resins and opulent blooms.

ÉBÈNE FUMÉ is a cleansing breath of exquisite exhilaration. This woody amber fragrance is ignited bythe curl of Palo Santo smoke – a soul-lifting scent experience inspired by the purifying benefits of thelegendary burning wood.

Palo Santo releases a mystical incense-like note that blends together earthy woods, citrus, and rich pine needles. Joining in the opening ceremony is black pepper absolute and violet leaf expressed by a forest-floor earthiness.

The core of ÉBÈNE FUMÉ smolders with leathery notes, expressed through the dry wood undertones of cade essence and the warm, elegant resin of cistus absolute Spain Orpur®. Papyrus essence andmagnificent floral notes mingle with gorgeous roses, while notes of exquisite African ebony – wood the color of darkest night and equally seductive – is captured in the sublime aura of leather and resins.Stoking the African ebony aroma is the warm, smoky seduction of guaiacwood and balsamic naturals.

The ÉBÈNE FUMÉ fragrance is contained in a clear Private Blend bottle, showcasing the richness ofthe juice – and designed with a wood-embossed plaque and mahogany cap evoking Palo Santo.

Carved with consummate craftsmanship, the 50ML, 100ML and 250ML flacons enhance any vanity orgrooming area.





Neiman Marcus_Ebene Fume
Neiman Marcus_Ebene Fume