Too Busy To Eat Healthy?

Girls on the go drink Cambridge Women are notorious for taking on more than they can chew. And while it is important to maintain a healthy balance, in a bustling city like Hong Kong – with its work hard, play harder ethos – most girls simply don’t have the time to cook, let alone eat a nutritionally-balanced meal. Many Hong Kong women, consequently, find themselves skipping meals, skimping on vitamins, and snacking on comfort foods instead. Business lunches and client dinners also make it difficult to eat right. Cambridge Weight Plan’s Girl-on-the-Go packs have been especially created for busy women with hectic lifestyles who – literally – find themselves running in heels, without the time or energy to make informed food choices.!

Shake and Go!
Wrapped in a beautiful gift box, each Girl-on-the-Go pack contains ten packets of flavoured Cambridge shakes, a custom-made shaker bottle and a manicure voucher, which can be redeemed at Feel Good Factor spa in Central. Light and compact, the Girl-on-the-Go pack is designed to fit in a desk drawer at work or in a locker at the gym so there’s no excuse to skip meals or skimp on nutrients again.! “In between juggling work, family and social obligations, sometimes just finding the time to eat can be difficult,” says Sarah Armstrong a certified counsellor and director of the Cambridge Weight Plan in Hong Kong. “But when you deny your body the fuel that it needs, you force it to run on empty, which leads to over-eating or bingeing on fatty foods later in the day,” explains Armstrong. “Cambridge’s shakes are a safe and healthy source of nutrition for busy women — perfect as a instant pickme- up for when your schedule won’t allow time for breakfast or if your job requires that you eat out more often than you’d like.

Let’s be honest, how often do you really go for the salad option!” What is in a Cambridge shake? Low in fat, high in protein and packed full of vital nutrients – like calcium, zinc and iron – Cambridge’s delicious shakes are intended as a nutritional supplement for girls, who don’t have the time to eat a balanced meal or
operate on a demanding schedule of weekly client lunches and dinners. But are still conscious about their health and maintaining their weight.

Available in three combinations, each pack contains two different flavoured shakes including one for Chocolate Lovers (chocolate and chocolate mint), Strawberries and Cream (strawberry and vanilla) and Tropical Fruits (mango and banana).! Cambridge’s shakes are healthy, portable, tasty and easy to make. Simply
pour 227ml of water, add the contents of one sachet into the shaker bottle, and shake vigorously. The shaker bottle is also watertight and at just 22 cm high,
small enough to pop into a handbag. So now all you have to do is shake and go!

How to Order Girl-on-the-Go pack:
Price: $399
Delivery: Free delivery in HK or pick up from Central office
Phone: +852 2525 7165
Address: 2/F 52 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong