TUMI’s stunning new 19 Degree Collection

New Product: TUMI’s stunning new 19 Degree Collection is now available in a limited edition Rose Gold seasonal color in Aluminum. The new 19 Degree collection seamlessly blends flawless functionality with a beautiful design inspired by the fluid elements of nature and the exacting lines in architecture. 

TUMI’s 19 Degree Global Campaign: To coincide with the 19 Degree product launch TUMI released a global campaign geared towards “The Modern Explorer” – appreciators of craft and design who are always looking to be inspired and explore something new.

In 2017, TUMI is building on this unique group of influencers, and journeys, from the inspiring 2016 cast by weaving in the following creatives:

  • Linda Rodin– Style icon and beauty entrepreneur goes back to Sicily, the place that inspired her own skin care line, Rodin, and sparked the face-oil trend
  • CL– Recently named one of Business of Fashions 500 most influential people.  CL, a K-Pop phenom and muse to many fashion designers travels to the Blue City to seek inspiration
  • Alex Atala– A two-Michelin Star Chef whose restaurant was rated 4th best restaurant in the world
  • Russell Westbrook– An American professional basketball player who is known on the court for his skills and off the court for his style