4 Jan 2024 By May Ng

Unleash the Power of the Dragon with the Jubilant Reunion at Renaissance

Dance with the mythical Dragon, the fifth creature in the Chinese zodiac cycle, for a vital and powerful year! Stock up the propitious flavours and spread the Chinese New Year cheers at Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong. Deliver blessings of togetherness with Dynasty’s indigenous Chinese New Year Pudding, Turnip Cake, alluring Poon Choi and more quintessential jovial specialties; or embellish your spree table with the auspicious delicacies of the lavish Buffet at Café Renaissance. Hyping up the convivial vibes in the roaring New Year with up to 25% rewarding eShop discount.



Take the festive celebrations up a notch with the fortuitous goodies to impress your beloved ones! Spread the jubilant joy with Dynasty’s Chinese New Year Pudding and Turnip Cake painstakingly crafted by Dim Sum Chef Chan Hon Chuen and the award-winning culinary team, bringing a tradition ode to the centre stage of your dining table.

Staying true to the timeless recipe, the coveted Turnip Cake is filled with the abundant hand-stripped sweet turnip and blended with premium Chinese Sausage, conpoy and dried shrimps. The fragrance, flavour and texture of the aromatic savoury delight will charm each and every connoisseur’s palate. Let the decadent Chinese New Year Pudding blooms on your taste buds. Elevated with hints of coconut milk, the ooey-gooey jovial favourite is ready to be gifted and wishes everyone soaring to new heights of prosperity in the year of the Dragon.

The handcrafted Chinese New Year Pudding and Turnip Cake are priced at HK$ 278 per box, can be collected from 25 January to 7 February 2024 at Dynasty. 2-day advanced order is required

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Hover around a treasure trove decking in auspicious hues at Dynasty to hoard affluence for the year of Dragon! Uncover the simmering Poon Choi, a time-honoured Chinese casserole made for celebratory feast. Be swooned away with layers of opulent and nourishing Chinese New Year essence all in one smorgasbord exquisitely handpicked by the award-winning culinary team highlighting 25 heads fish maw and whole abalone, bestowing the blessing of wealth. Tuck into the prawns representing joyfulness and the rest of propitious temptations including whole dried scallop, sea cucumber, Chinese mushroom, dried oyster, roasted goose, sea moss, poached chicken, goose web, refined “fortune” turnip and more, giving a jubilant reminiscent of precious bonding moment.

The flourishing Poon Choi is available for dine in and takeaway from 25 January to 16 February 2024 and priced at HK$ 838 per person, minimum for four persons. 1-day advanced order is required.

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Get set the reunion scene with an 8-course fare meticulously crafted by our Executive Chef Suen Kam Sing steeped in felicitousness at Dynasty. Feast on a bevy of specialty dishes featuring boisterous Lo Hei – Chilled Shredded Abalone Salad with Assorted Vegetables to unfurl a soaring feast. Toss up your luck on the plate with ingredients skillfully julienned while reciting wishes, pulling off a fabulous start to the New Year. Let the festive mood kick in with the festal gourmet ranging from Deluxe Poon Choi, Double-boiled Pork Knuckle Soup with Bamboo Fungus and Cabbage to Sweetened Red Bean Cream with Dumplings and more, illustrating a jumpstart to a bountiful harvest.

The felicitous menu is available for dine in and takeaway from 25 January to 16 February 2024 and priced at HK$ 1,380 per person, minimum for four persons. 2-day advanced reservation is required.

Deluxe Poon Choi Set Menu

Lo Hei

(Chilled Shredded Abalone with Assorted Vegetable)

Double-boiled Pork Knuckle Soup with Bamboo Fungus and Cabbage

Deluxe Poon Choi

(25 Heads Fish Maw, Whole Abalone, Whole Dried Scallop, Sea Cucumber,

Chinese Mushroom, Dried Oyster, Prawn, Roasted Goose, Sea Moss,

Poached Chicken, Goose Web, Turnip, Fresh Bean Curd Stick and Lotus Root)

Poached Seasonal Vegetable and Whole Garlic in Supreme Soup

Fried Glutinous Rice with Assorted Preserved Meats

Fresh Fruit Platter

Sweetened Red Bean Cream with Dumplings

Chinese Petits Fours