Unveil the Charm of Indigenous Korean Beef at Mirage

Calling all beef connoisseurs! Get ready to be impressed by a selection of premium Korean beef debuts at Mirage Bar & Restaurant that will surprise your taste buds! Revered for its exquisite marbling and rich juiciness, the 1+ Korean beef will feast your palate with tempting flavour and melt-in-your-mouth sensation. Choose your preferred cut and portion to embark on a luscious gastronomic journey brimming with robust and beefy aromas. Meokja! (Let’s eat!)


Mirage’s kitchen team always strives to offer unusual creations for discerning palates to uncover the unexpected and experience the new. Executive Sous Chef Owen Panzica handpicks premium-quality Korean Beef, also known as Hanwoo, to unveil the charm of Korea’s indigenous gastronomic treasure to beef lovers. Historically reserved for royalty and the noble class, the luxurious Korean beef is rarely exported due to high domestic demand in Korea. What makes Hanwoo even more special is that it takes five to ten generations for the breed to reach its consistency in marbling, flavour and texture.


The free-range Korean cattle are fed with organic forage and raised comfortably in farms, each with a herd of fewer than 100 heads, ensuring the cattle with a wide green pasture for them to graze in natural environment, delivering the beef with unrivaled flavour, juiciness, complex texture with dense marbling that is comparable to Japanese wagyu, only with a beefier and sweeter taste. The quality of Hanwoo is classified by 5 grades, depending on the meat colour, degree of marbling, as well as firmness and texture of meat. Chef Owen specially selects grade 1+, which is the second highest among 5 grades, characterized by its evenly distributed amount of marbling and bright reddish consistency in colour. To preserve the bold and genuine taste, chefs sear the beef cuts with minimal seasoning, showcasing the authentic flavour of the steak!


Whet your appetite with the succulent and flavourful Hanwoo Striploin (HK$ 298/100g), which is known for its intense flavour and balanced marbling. Perfectly seared with a crisp and savoury crust on the outside with juicy pink meat and irresistibly tender texture on the inside. Its distinctive marbling is bound to impress your palate with a pleasantly balanced texture and robust flavour.


If you crave for an intense marbling, the luscious Hanwoo Ribeye (HK$ 348/100g) will be your ideal choice. The steak is generously marbled with the highest amount of fat among other cuts, which melts from the inside out on the grill with the juiciness locked in. Meat lovers will surely be surprised by the melt-in-your-mouth sensation and the heavenly buttery taste.


Looking for a more unusual option? Discover the flavoursome Hanwoo Tri-tip (HK$ 188/100g), the two small triangular cuts from the bottom sirloin which account for only 2% of the beef yield of a whole cow, boasting a beefy taste and tender chew with a decent amount of marbling. Chefs sear the meat at a high temperature over direct heat for a relatively shorter time, which makes this lean cut of meat juicy and tender, bringing you an unexpected gastronomic enjoyment with rich beefy essence at every single bite!


Choose your preferred cut and portion of the Hanwoo steak starting from 100g per serving, together with a number of luscious sauces – Béarnaise, Port Wine Gravy, Chimichurri and Black Pepper to pair with your favourite cut. Elevate the enjoyment by sampling various side dishes including steak house chips, maccheroni and cheese, sautéed mushrooms and herbs, grilled asparagus and more at an additional HK$ 58 each.


The promotion is available from 3 February to 15 March 2020, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. Relish on the sizzling and juicy steak indulgence and satisfy your inner carnivore at Mirage now!


For reservations or enquiries, please contact us at (852) 2802 8888 or email restaurant-reservations.hk@renaissancehotels.com. Above prices are subject to 10% service charge.


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