17 Jan 2024 By May Ng

Unveiling The Long-Awaited Six-Course Lunch Menu by New Head Chef at Mosu – Jeong Jingwan, Bruno

With the beginning of the new year, Mosu Hong Kong is thrilled to announce the exciting news of welcoming Chef Jeong Jinhwan, Bruno, who, as of this year, is taking on the role of head chef. As an esteemed member of Chef Sung Anh’s culinary team, Chef Bruno has been an integral part of Mosu Hong Kong since its inception, showcasing exceptional skills and expertise. He is now poised to redefine the dining experience at Mosu Hong Kong with his unparalleled culinary artistry.

In his first greeting to everyone in his new role, Chef Bruno is delighted to unveil the long-awaited six-course lunch menu of Mosu Hong Kong. This menu has been meticulously crafted together with Executive Chef Sung Anh.

MOSU Hong Kong_Lunch_Perilla Salad

Unveiling the Long-awaited Lunch

The newly introduced six-course lunch at Mosu Hong Kong promises to enchant the senses and create a lasting impression on discerning diners. The culinary journey begins with two delectable seasonal small bites, carefully crafted to tantalize the palate. This is followed by the invigorating Perilla Salad, featuring succulent abalone and a house-made sauce that adds a burst of freshness.

Next on the menu is the Pine Nut Custard, a Korean-style “Chawanmushi,” renowned for its silky texture and rich flavor. This comforting dish serves as a delightful interlude, warming the belly after several refreshing bites.

The highlight of the lunch experience is the Hanwoo Cast Iron Pot Rice. This dish pays homage to the rich culinary history of Korea, where the traditional method of cooking rice in a cast-iron pot over an open fire holds a special place. While this method has become increasingly rare in modern times due to the widespread use of rice cookers, Chef Bruno takes pride in honoring this heritage. He prepares the rice in a cast-iron pot, using a blend of three distinct rice varieties from Korea and adding broccoli, known as the “mosu blend” that founded by Chef Sung Anh. This blend aims to achieve the perfect harmony of aroma, texture, and flavour. Diners also have the option to choose pork if they prefer it over beef.

MOSU Hong Kong_Lunch_Cast Iron Pot Rice

As the lunch draws to a close, prepare to indulge in a captivating finale with two exquisite small sweets. Among them is the popular new signature dessert of Mosu Hong Kong, the Dashima Cheesecake. This delightful treat incorporates a touch of dashima (seaweed), which imparts a subtle umami flavor to the lusciously smooth and velvety cheesecake, serves as the perfect conclusion to a remarkable lunch experience.

Lunch Experience:

HKD 1,180 + 10% Service Charges

For bookings with 4 or more guests, the minimum charge for the VIP room is waived on a first-come, first-serve basis.