Ushers in the year of the GOAT

Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong offers a variety of events for guests over the Chinese New Year holiday to make the Year of the Goat’s arrival a memorable occasion.
Brand New Chinese New Year Pudding and Goodies

This year, Executive Chinese Chef Mok Kit Keung from the Michelin two-starred Shang Palace adds two creations – Bird’s Nest and Kaya Pudding and Ginseng Chinese New Year Pudding – to his list of traditional Chinese New Year puddings.  Classic Cantonese treats (Crispy Taro Balls with Sesame) and festive specialties (Five Treasure Tray, and Premium Dried Seafood and Bird’s Nest Tray) are also available to celebrate this Spring Festival.

Bird’s Nest and Kaya Pudding

Having lived in Singapore for over 19 years, Chef Mok pays homage to Singapore’s signature ingredient, kaya, by introducing it to this year’s new pudding creation.  After several trials and errors, he finally paired premium bird’s nest from Indonesia with kaya and infused both ingredients into traditional Chinese Pudding, creating this rich and creamy concoction with a touch of luxury and a special Singaporean twist.

Ginseng Chinese New Year Pudding

As health continues to be a growing concern across the globe, Shang Palace introduces Ginseng Chinese New Year Pudding from the ever-popular selection.  Made with Korean ginseng and drops of ginseng wine, this pudding has an aromatic sweet, yet earthy flavour and is definitely the best choice for a nourishing Chinese New Year.