Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time Prototype Auctioned to Benefit National Geographic Society

A unique piece made for the American explorer and photographer, Cory Richards. Vacheron Constantin created a watch for Richards’ third attempt at climbing Mount Everest as he wanted a robust wristwatch that could accompany him through one of the most grueling expeditions while keeping track of time on Everest and back at home in the U.S. The 41mm case is made of titanium with tantalum reinforcements – a first for the Maison. This Overseas Dual Time Prototype is being sold to benefit the National Geographic Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to pushing the boundaries of exploration and generating solutions for a healthy and more sustainable future.


Cory Richards, in collaboration with Vacheron Constantin, has chosen to support a National Geographic Society project that focuses on education and cultural preservation. Richards has photographed 11 stories for National Geographic Magazine and is deeply committed to extending financial and educational opportunities to the communities that have carried him through his career. Vacheron Constantin, ref. 7910V: A unique and attractive titanium and tantalum anti-magnetic dual-time wristwatch with day/night indicator, central seconds, and date, worn by Cory Richards on Mount Everest.


This model is fitted with an orange-stitched grey blue Ventile® technical fabric distinguished by its density along with its exceptional waterproofness. The timepieces is also delivered with a second strap in grey rubber.

江詩丹頓特別為美國探險家兼攝影師 Cory Richards 第三次勇攀珠穆朗瑪峰的征途而創製的Overseas兩地時間原型腕錶,陪伴Cory征服喜馬拉雅山脈極端惡劣的天氣,並準確顯示尼泊爾當地時間和其美國家鄉的時間。直徑41毫米的錶殼由鈦金屬製成,是品牌首次採用堅硬的鉭金屬進行加固。這枚Overseas兩地時間原型腕錶經由拍賣所得款項將用來資助非牟利機構美國國家地理學會 (National Geographic Society),該組織致力於推進探索世界的界限並研究健康和可持續發展的未來路向。


Cory Richards 與江詩丹頓合作,並選擇支援國家地理學會的一項聚焦於教育與文化保育的企劃。Cory Richards 曾為《國家地理雜誌》(National Geographic Magazine) 拍攝過11則故事,並致力於為曾支持其職業生涯的社團等籌募資金與教育機會。


江詩丹頓Overseas兩地時間原型腕錶,編號7910V:這款盡顯獨特魅力的兩地時間腕錶採用鈦金屬及鉭金屬製成,具備中央秒針、防磁性和晝夜及日期顯示功能,陪伴Cory Richards 征服珠峰探險歷程。這款腕錶搭配飾有橘色縫線的藍灰色 Ventile® 科技面料錶帶,以高密度和卓越的防水性能聞名;此外,還附有一條可供替換的灰色橡膠錶帶。