Vacheron Constantin’s Christmas 2020 Offerings

Timeless style is refined and elegant. Vacheron Constantin has been perfecting the art of everlasting design and style since 1755, expertly mixing form and function to create beautiful timepieces. Find the incredible calibers of the Manufacture, hidden like treasures within the beautifully designed cases. Beyond the rarity and magnificence, the materials lend a unique character to each timepiece.

Magical, Enchanted, Mysterious.

The most unforgettable gift for the holidays is the gift of time.  We can’t freeze time, but we can stop and appreciate each beautiful moment. Let’s celebrate with our exceptional collection of timepieces. Attract the attention, be captivated by the spirit of the holidays.

Discover our selection in pink gold for the holidays, the metal you choose gives a brief glimpse into your personality. Let your emotions take the lead, the decision is not always simple.

Surround yourself with holiday cheer and celebrate each moment so that it lasts forever. Visit us at and explore our dedicated “CELEBRATIONS” Playlist on Spotify at