11 Jan 2024 By Aiyana K

Valentino Beauty Unveils 2024 Coral New Year Limited Edition Collection: A Celebration of Artistry with Benjamin Muzzi

Valentino Beauty is thrilled to unveil its exclusive 2024 Coral New Year Limited Edition Collection, featuring a stunning collaboration with the talented 3D artist, Benjamin Muzzin. Known for his dreamy yet futuristic take on nature, Muzzin has crafted a special artwork that graces the visuals and gift sets of this unique collection.

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Valentino Beauty as Benjamin Muzzin weaves a masterpiece of vivid plums and peonies, capturing the essence of the brand’s edginess while staying true to its rich heritage. The limited-edition Go-Cushion Glow and Rosso Valentino Lipstick are the jewels of this collection, promising a luxurious and celebratory beauty experience.

This New Year, Valentino Beauty invites you to celebrate with the magnificent and sophisticated coral nuance – a solar hue that embodies extravagance and sets the stage for a year filled with fantasy. Embrace the art of celebration and elevate your beauty routine with the vibrant colors of the 2024 Coral New Year Collection