Vegetarian Dining Options

Eaton HK Further Commits to Sustainability with Extended Vegetarian Dining Options Across the Board
New Plant-Based Items Available at Outlets Ranging from Michelin-Starred

Yat Tung Heen to Ultra-Casual Dining at Flower Years

Eaton HK embraces plant-based dining as the brand further commits to sustainability. The eco-friendly hotel has bolstered its already plentiful vegetarian menu with more than 20 new plates featuring the best of nature’s bounty, as well as alternative-meats in the form of Omnipork and IMPOSSIBLE™ Meat.

Michelin-starred Yat Tung Heen leads the charge with an incredible Vegetarian Set Menu(HK$820 + 10%) that features eight exquisite courses, beginning with a plant-based take on the restaurant’s classic trio of appetisers – Marinated Cucumber and Black Fungus with Black Vinegar Sauce are accompanied by Deep-fried Crispy Beancurd Sheet Roll Stuffed with Omnipork Strips as well as Pan-fried Beancurd with Chili Sauce and Minced Omnipork.

Dishes like a Steamed Tomato Stuffed with Omnipork, Lily Bulbs, Chinese Celery and Yellow Fungus are served in a slightly sweet Pumpkin Sauce, whilst a Double -boiled Matsutake Mushroom Soup with Cordyceps Flower, Morel Mushroom Bamboo Pith and Assorted Fungus showcases the incredible attention to detail of Chef Tam.

All-day dining venue, The Astor, is making the most of plant-based pork-substitute Omnipork. The groundbreaking ingredient is used in four innovative new dishes including Korean-inspired Rice Cakes loaded with cheese sauce and spicy-fried Omnipork. Also available are delicately folded Filo Pastries packed with Omnipork in dark ale and vegetables. A dedicated vegetarian counter will act as a one-stop-shop for guests’ plant-based dining needs and dishes will be regularly rotated.

Sharing the same green attitude towards environmental protection and supporting sustainability, Terrible Baby also presents plant-based a la carte and vegetarian menu. The a la carte menu features an array of delectable dishes all prepared with Omnipork and IMPOSSIBLE™ meat. Highlights include Omnipork Rissoles, Flatbread & Eggplant Mousse, Impossible Burger and more.

Flower Years, Eaton HK’s popular open-air bar and eatery inside its buzzing Food Hall, is serving up vegetarian dishes at incredible value. Signature dishes include Avocado & Rocket Salad with Omnipork crunch, Veggie Nachos with Omnipork Crunch and sour cream, and Porcini Tortellini with truffle cream sauce. Available throughout the day, guests can enjoy excellent-value healthy dining, no matter what the hour.

Eaton HK’s new plant-based dishes are available from 20 May 2021.

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