7 Nov 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE

Versace Icons Dinner In New York

Last night, Donatella Versace and actor Anne Hathaway hosted the inaugural Versace Icons Dinner in New York, a celebration of our collective power and a chance to meet, talk and share.

Versace and Hathaway invited Icons who exist beyond the parameters of celebrity and fashion, including artists, entrepreneurs, actors, human rights advocates, musicians, and ambassadors of social change, to come together at New York’s Rockefeller Center for an evening of discussion, inspiration, and celebration of their groundbreaking contributions.

Donatella Versace conceived the Versace Icons collection as a perfect everyday wardrobe, an emblem of Versace’s core aesthetic and values—confidence, courage and freedom to express all that you are, even when the world is not ready. The silhouettes are designed to enhance the individual. To empower their innate sense of self. To make them feel iconic. Ready to face the world. The debut collection was released earlier this year along with a campaign starring Anne Hathaway and Chris Lee. A second Versace Icons collection will be presented with new images starring Hathaway and Lee on October 9th.

AnnaSophia Robb, Raquel Willis, Aaron Rose Philip, Sophia Li

昨晚,Versace創意總監Donatella Versace與好萊塢巨星Anne Hathaway於紐約洛克斐勒中心揭幕首場Versace Icons晚宴,與蒞臨貴賓熱切交談,共話合作、同慶輝煌。


Donatella Versace將Versace Icons系列構思成一個完美日常衣櫥。它承載了Versace的核心美學與價值理念——自信、勇敢、自由地表達自己,即使面臨狂風暴雨。Versace Icons系列輪廓凸顯個性,幫助彰顯自我,加持偶像光芒,直面未知世界。首批新款已於今春隆重上市,由Anne Hathaway和李宇春共同演繹的系列大片也已同期發布。第二波款式以及Anne Hathaway和李宇春再度聯袂出演的系列大片將於10月9日正式發售。