27 Mar 2023 By AWAY IN STYLE

Versace Trigreca Sneakers


Trigreca運動鞋由知名鞋履設計師Salehe Bembury為Versace 2020秋冬系列時裝秀打造,


以及鞋面上代表Via Gesù, 12的坐標,向Versace位於意大利米蘭的總部致敬。

Versace releases a dedicated video showcasing the technical construction and craft behind the House’s Trigreca sneakers.

Trigreca was designed by much-celebrated footwear designer, Salehe Bembury, for the Versace Fall-Winter 2020 runway.

Naming is derived from the executions of the signature Versace Greca motif, the Medusa head sunken into the sole,

and the coordinates of Via Gesù, 12 printed across the upper in homage to Versace’s home in the city of Milan, Italy.