Wanna Jam Launches in Hong Kong with Homemade Jams & Xmas Hampers

Wanna Jam produces handmade, no preservatives jams and butters with the freshest ingredients.  Wanna Jam is also a platform for us to collaborate with local artists and businesses.   It is an opportunity to PLAY, to JAM, to have FUN.

Jam as in YUMMY Jam & Butters

We believe in the old saying, “You are what you eat!”  We eat to maintain good health, we eat to enjoy food; so Wanna Jam creates products that we feel safe to consume and happy to share with friends.  All Wanna Jam products are handmade in small quantities in Hong Kong.  We like to keep it simple, by keeping our ingredients list as natural and simple as possible; that means no artificial preservatives are added.  We also try our very best to maintain a NO Sugar or Low Sugar content in our products.

XMAS HAMPERS : Spread the love
by surprising a friend (create memories with all in one hamper)
by sharing a treat (top quality nibbles and treats)
by discovering the unknown (amazing local artisans)
by accomplishing a project together (DIY project & games menu)

This season we want to share our LOVE with you, giving you the tools to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Year 2020
We might not go out very much, but we definitely will be celebrating with family, friends, loved ones from near and far.  Celebrate life, celebrate togetherness, celebrate love.  Create some unforgettable memories.  The one take-away from this year is, make every moment count, share the love and let your loved ones know.

Happy Hampers HK has the perfect party preparation for YOU

A true HKer’s Hamper, Happy Hampers feature all local brands and businesses.  We take priority in choosing locally made and fun, creative products into our hampers.  We partnered up with the likes of Dear Harley (creative cake makers), Wanna Jam (handcrafted jams & butters), Stubborn Coffee (HK roasted coffee beans) and Cacao Chocolatier (made from scratch chocolates).

Understanding HKers also enjoy international premium products, we handpicked some top notch, award-winning and/or environmentally conscious goods.  Natural wines from Italy and Spain, Japanese sake and to fulfill that sweet-tooth, we have chocolate vodka for that killer cocktail.  Also some handmade memorabilia from Taiwan.

One feature of the Happy Hampers is a DIY project – cupcake mix and decoration pack.  We make it easy for you to create that loving memory or instagram moment with your kids or your girlfriends! Another feature is having a games menu, just a simple reminder of fun games you can play with your mates WITHOUT your phone!

Want more?

An extra service we offer is a top-off service for Hot Pot delivery service, a Surf’n’Turf hot pot for all your friends and family, for those who are tired of the everyday take-out menu.  Includes lobsters, beef, HKer’s favorite fishballs, veggies and stove plus burner! All you need is chopsticks and it’s ready to go!

Another extra product we feature is a social enterprise Furry Green – turning unwanted groceries into pet food.  Why not give your pets a feast too?

Happy Hampers have got everyone covered for the ultimate Christmas Party! From kids, adults, to your pets; with drinks, nibbles, activities, CAKE! and dinner (if you fancy).

Now let’s get ready to celebrate life! And look forward to a better 2021!

Happy Hampers HK products for Christmas 2020

Happy Hampers HK products for Christmas 2020

Apple Cinnamon Butter – Wanna Jam

Apple Cinnamon Butter with Brandy – Wanna Jam

Peanut Butter – Wanna Jam

Hand-crafted Hazelnut Chocolates – Cacao

Single-origin coffee – Stubborn Coffee

Handmade keychains – Style

Chocolate Vodka – Tipsy Assembly

Gingerbread Cookies pack – Dear Harley

Sprinkles – Dear Harley

Hot Pot to-go – Yolo Hotpot


Nuts – Ton’s Premium

Natural wines – Tipsy Assembly

Pet Food – Furry Green

*Hampers comes in 3 standard sets from $980 and up
*Customization available to suit different needs

Happy Hampers available for pre-order on www.happyhampershk.com on November 20, 2020

Happy Hampers Pop Up Shop at The One, TST from December 1 – December 31, 2020
Delivery Service from December 1 – December 31, 2020