25 May 2024 By May Ng

Welcomes Summer with Effective New 3-Step Body Sculpting and Signature Laser Hair Removal for Skin-Glowing Confidence

Leading One-stop Beauty Gym

BMF (Bella Marie France), the premier one-stop beauty gym in the region, introduces the transformative Body Sculpting Trilogy for slimming, toning and enhancing overall body shape, along with its unmatched expertise in laser hair removal, to empower a summer of beauty and confidence. Joined by radiant television actress Sisley Choi as its new ambassador in Hong Kong, BMF offers a comprehensive range of sensational treatments for body and well-being, ensuring an unparalleled experience in looking good during the warmer weather.

BMF boasts a combined total of 70 years of expertise in body sculpting and hair removal, stemming from the union of two of the best-known names in the beauty industry. Bella pioneered the use of lasers for hair removal in Hong Kong back in the 1990s, while Marie France was at the vanguard of slimming and body sculpting programmes in Europe and Asia, guiding thousands of women to their ideal body shape since opening in the city in 1986.

The timely debut of the 3-step Body Sculpting programme, which is achieved through professionally conducted and personalised in-house regimens of slimming detox, firming and muscle building, and fat reduction, allows health and beauty devotees to step out in body-conscious ensembles perfect for summer with maximum confidence.

The fresh face of new Hong Kong brand ambassador Sisley Choi also encourages the city to get summer-ready. Solidifying BMF’s body-beauty leader status in the Hong Kong market, Choi follows smartly on the heels of new regional ambassador, the influencer Spoon Chan, who joined ‘The Aesthetics People’ family in November 2023. The pair stand beside seasoned actress Jessica Hsuan in a triumvirate of brand authorities on looking and feeling one’s best possible self.

Effective Body Sculpting for a Slimmer, Fitter Summer Shape

Body sculpting is best achieved through a toned physique achieved by building muscle conducted in tandem with detoxifying and eliminating stubborn fat to maintain a healthy body-fat ratio. The new comprehensive 3-step Body Sculpting Trilogy has all of this covered, spanning a Slimming Detox and Water Retention Reduction treatment; a choice of Firming and Muscle Building programmes; and Targeted Fat Reduction therapy, and is available at the trial price of HK$3,288 (original price: HK$9,888), or from HK$1,388 for the first 2 steps (original price: HK$5,388).

Achieving one’s optimal body curves brings a host of health benefits on top of its confidence-boosting aesthetic appeal. Detox, toning and muscle building help to increase metabolic rate, promote blood circulation, curtail water retention, and eliminate lymphatic toxins. Targeted fat reduction effectively induces apoptosis (cell death) in fat cells in specific areas, improves cellulite and diminishes body wrinkles. Working together, the 3 steps stimulate collagen to enhance skin elasticity and tighten skin to combat sagging. The entire programme is painless and non-invasive with zero recovery time.

During the first step of Detox and Water Retention Reduction, the body sweats under a heated blanket. Targeting 9 popular slimming areas – chin, bra overhang, stomach, saddlebag, love handle, arm, thigh, knee and calf – the heat stimulates fat decomposition and the sweating accelerates metabolism, causing cells to burn fat and toxins to be eliminated.

In consultation with the trained team of therapists, customers can select one of three treatments to achieve the second step of Firming and Muscle Building. Combining monopolar radiofrequency and laser therapy, Revol MRF Skin Tightening caters to individual needs through a series of programming modes, energy levels and functional heads. A highlight is the 635nm diode laser that alters fat cell structure, which targets skin tightening fat reduction, and improves various concerns such as orange-peel texture, cellulite, loose skin, poor blood circulation and lymphatic congestion.

CFU Ultima Body Lift is a highly recommended option for skin tightening and lifting as well as banishing stubborn fat to sculpt a more curvaceous silhouette. Using advanced ultrasound technology, concentrated heat is delivered deep into the subcutaneous tissue, dissolving fat cells and promoting collagen regeneration for long-lasting firmness. The treatment ensures wider coverage with even distribution of thermal energy, while a unique cooling system safeguards against heat damage, providing a comfortable experience.

For those seeking a more muscular, toned and fit appearance, Powershape Rapid Muscle Building therapy employs high-intensity electromagnetic-field technology to stimulate muscle contractions, leading to a proven and pain-free increase in muscle mass. Results are visible in just one session and muscle mass can be boosted by up to 16% and beyond after a full treatment course. With no heat, sweat or fatigue, this is the easiest of workouts for perfect contouring – making it ideal for shaping the abdomen, buttocks, thighs and upper arms.

Cryosculpt Cool Sculpting is the final step of the Trilogy. This advanced fat reduction treatment uses intelligent ultrasound and low-temperature technology to freeze and eliminate stubborn fat cells. Beauty aficionados can enjoy the benefits of tightened skin, improved cellulite and refined body contours.

BMF-Cryosculpt Cool Sculpting

Laser Hair Removal Technology Offering Minimal Discomfort and Maximum Efficiency

There can be no better or safer place to remove unwanted body hair in time for the summer than BMF, whose forerunner was the first skincare centre to introduce laser hair removal to Hong Kong. Designed for East Asian skin tones, the signature BMF Laser Hair Removal technology uses laser energy to target melanin in the hair follicle, effectively destroying the follicle and papilla (hair root). It is FDA-approved; clinically tested and verified by the Harvard Medical School’s dermatology research institute; and strictly monitored for safety.

Multiple wavelengths are used to target different hair types while an exclusive cryogenic Sapphire CryoChip provides a stable cooling temperature of 4°C to minimise discomfort. The technique is convenient and rapid, with hair removal in areas such as the armpits or bikini line taking approximately 15 minutes, and the skin quickly returning to its normal state.

Varying according to skin tone and texture, and hair colour and thickness, each session can result in 20-30% permanent hair reduction, with at least 6 sessions required within the hair growth cycle for permanent hair removal – which can reach an 80-90% success rate. The upper/lower lip, back of hands, fingers, chest line, knees and tops of feet and toes are the small areas that are popularly tackled, and large areas include the upper/lower arms, underarms, thighs/calves, abdomen, upper/lower back and bikini area.

BMF Centre

BMF Laser Hair Removal is now available to new customers at the trial price of HK$1,288 for 6 sessions for small areas, or 3 sessions for large areas; or from HK$288 for a single session.

BMF-CFU Ultima

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