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Woaw Gallery “Familia” Group Exhibition Curated by Pablo Villazán

Woaw Gallery Presents Familia – curated by Pablo Villazán:

Open Reception: August 19th, 2021 (Thursday) 6pm – 8pm

Exhibition Period: August 19th 2021–September 18th 2021, 11am – 6pm

Address: Woaw Gallery, 5 Sun Street Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Woaw Gallery is pleased to present Familia, a group exhibition curated by Pablo Villazán. The exhibition is on view from August 19th2021 to September 18th 2021 at Woaw Gallery, 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai.

The exhibition features work by European, American and Asian artists Edgar Plans (Spain, b.1977), Adriana Oliver (Spain, b.1990), Stickymonger (Korea), Sun-Kyo Park (Korea, b.1990), Ana Barriga (Spain, b.1984), Grip Face (Spain, b.1988), Patty Spyrakos (Iceland, b.1974), Willem Hoeffnagel (The Netherlands, b.1995) and Evgen Čopi Gorišek (Slovenia, b.1994).

The most important thing in Pablo Villazán’s career is the relationship with his artists whom he calls “Familia”. He knows perfectly the dreams of each one of them and strives every day to make these dreams come true. Family is synonymous with unconditional love and loyalty, an entity that fights, dreams and works for the good of all its members.

In recent times, this concept has amplified. The globalization, social networks and the unfortunate COVID-19 virus has made us surround ourselves with a virtual family that we have never seen in person, but with whom we share our concerns and talk daily. As a gallerist, he is fortunate to share his life with artists and surround myself with people with special sensibility. People who become friends and friends who then become family.

In his debut as curator for the Woaw Gallery in Hong Kong, Pablo Villazán wants to be accompanied by his family whom he grows every day as a gallerist and as a person. This group of artists shares much more than a professional relationship. They all have an original style, which makes them unique, but they also have a common denominator – a benchmark of the contemporary art scene that make their characters recognizable by everyone else. Such as the fantastic heroes of Edgar Plans, the cinematographic portraits of Adriana Oliver, the sublime pictorial elegance of the work of Sun-Kyo Park, the delicate porcelain of the portraits of Ana Barriga, the expressionism in the faces of the characters of Evgen Čopi Gorišek, the subtle femininity and beauty of the character of Stickymonger, the poetic and colorful fantasy of the portraits of Grip Face, the expressive eyes in the character of Willem Hoeffnagel and the grotesque beauty of the busts of Patty Spyrakos.

About the Artists


Adriana Oliver (b.1990, Spain) is Barcelona-based artist whose works are informed by the photography and Pop Art she’s been exposed to since early age. Once she started developing her painterly practice, her visual language developed towards bold figurative forms influenced by cinematographic pictures from the 50’s and 60’s, which offer a more nuanced narrative than photography through their spotlighted obscurity.


Ana Barriga (b.1984, Spain) is a Madrid-based artist that uses the existing objects, mostly ceramic flea market discoveries, to assemble and construct new narratives. Through an expressive and confident painterly technique, she is applying new characteristics to otherwise tacky souvenirs, challenging the limitations of her own as well as viewers’ imagination.


Edgar Plans (b.1977, Spain) is a Spanish artist that lives in Gijón and works with raw, intuitive, and exceptionally playful imagery through which he channels the innocence and optimism of children. Utilizing their limitless ideas and ideals through doodle-like visuals, he takes on grown up problems through pure, naive, yet refreshing whimsical perspective.


Evgen Čopi Gorišek (b.1994, Slovenia) is an emerging painter of contemporary faux naïf. His paintings deal with figurative forms of expression rendered in the attributes of graffiti and arranged in a child-like pattern. The color-intensive compositions create a close association with ordinary topics and mass culture. Characters that are smeared with blurred facial features are his most frequent and recognizable representations.


Grip Face (b.1988, Spain) is a Madrid-based artist who started drawing as a child. He was attracted to the graffiti, street signs and architecture of his neighborhood and was soon experimenting with different art forms. By his early teens he was customizing friends’ skateboard grips; the nickname “Grip Face” became his pseudonym. An eclectic mix of interests and influences feed into Grip Face’s projects. Comics, personal introspection and the urban landscape all play a part, while faces, hair and hands are recurring motifs.


Patty Spyrakos (b.1974, Iceland) is a mixed media sculptor and painter currently living and working in Reykjavik, Iceland. Approaching her works as a platform for fiction, Spyrakos’ imagined characters are richly orchestrated portraits that demonstrate mindfulness of cultural diversity and the unpredictable paths that her gooey mediums take shape in the process. With an emphasis on physicality, Spyrakos’ figures emerge as otherworldly inventions complete with enlarged cavernous eyes, pulpy heads and sometimes, brutish appearances that exaggerate the ordinary.


Stickymonger (Korea) is a New York-based artist whose giant murals transform ordinary spaces into eerie, dreamlike, parallel universes. Looking into the large eyes of her animation-inspired subjects, the viewer is invited to explore the interplay of darkness and light, as well as the tension between innocence and fear, femininity and anxiety.


Sun-Kyo Park (b.1990, Korea) is a Korean artist that brings the character and the first impression to his paintings. The face also plays an important role in determining the first impression. So, even if all other expressions work well, lacking expression makes it difficult to captivate the audience right away at the first glance. The impression of a character with all this information gathered may be only a momentary afterimage through which we can recognize a person in a short period of time but is the most intense information that intuitively conveys the information contained in the character.


Willem Hoeffnagel (b.1995, the Netherlands) is a painter from the Netherlands who uses a subdued color palette that contrasts with the energetic expressiveness of the eyes of his characters, whom he gives a magical and ireal appearance. Another of the key elements in Willem’s painting is hair that draws the silhouette of an imaginary face in the protagonists of his work.

About Pablo Villazán

Pablo G. Villazán is the founder of Villazan gallery (New York | Madrid | Seoul | Ibiza) and Padre gallery with locations in New York City and Moscow, as well as PADRE projects. Coming from a very well-respected family that have contributed to the development of the art world between Spain and France during the 20th century. Since they founded their first art gallery in Paris in 1890. Pablo G. Villazán always expressed a great passion and interest in the family’s love for art. This led him to become the artist of the family.

In September 2015, he opened his first art gallery in downtown Manhattan with a show featuring a graphic documentation by Keith Haring, Andy Warhol, Basquiat, Grace Jones and Robert Mapplethorpe called “The Incredible Keith”.

Since then, Pablo has become one of the most respected art gallerists in the international scene. Well-known for developing the careers of some of the most current successful contemporary artists. He has built and continues to build private collections around the world.

Instagram: @pablovillazan

Address: Woaw Gallery, 9 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong & 5 Sun Street, Wan Chai

Instagram: @woawgallery