Spring/summer 2020 brings irresistible adventure for The Kooples, drawing us into a Californian world of festivals, beach parties and hot LA nights, with saturated colours and the thrum of a neverending vacation. The couple is back at the heart of the brand, with men and women looking as seductive together as they do apart.

Picture The Kooples woman on a white-sand beach, watching day turn to evening among the shadows of the palm trees. Her colour of the season is an assertive red, and her silhouette is nipped-in and unapologetically feminine.

She has moments of feeling wild and bohemian, with dark prints and natural colours presenting an edgy take on the summer of love. Elsewhere, her inner romantic comes to the fore, with Victorian ruffles, voluptuous florals and sensual lace. In the Kooples Sport collection, she turns to the familiar pop aesthetic of the 1990s, ready for trouble in low-slung sweatpants, oversized hoodies and chunky white sneakers.

The Kooples man is captivated by the California music scene, coming alive in the buzz of a crowd at sunset. He is rebellious, unfettered and unafraid to make a statement. By day he wanders the stalls at Pasadena’s Rose Bowl Flea Market, soaking up surfer iconography, retro eagle prints and rock-inspired embroideries. In The Kooples Sport line, he leans into the world of basketball, with high-energy logos and flashes of neon.

This season, both he and The Kooples woman are dressed to conjure the spirit of those nights when everything is possible.


THE KOOPLES 2020 春夏系列



The Kooples 2020春夏系列為我們帶來一場無法抗拒的探險旅程,將我們帶到充滿加州風情的節日慶典,參與沙灘派對和火熱的LA之夜,完全投入在這趟五光十色的悠長假期。品牌核心的「情侣」概念也再度回歸,讓情侶共聚或獨處時都擁有獨特風格,時刻散發迷人魅力。


穿上 The Kooples 的她踏在潔白幼滑的沙灘上,站在隨風搖擺的棕櫚樹下,望著天色墜入晚霞。她身上鮮艷的紅色服裝,在充滿熱島風情的景色下顯得輕柔嬝娜,女性魅力盡顯無遺。


THE KOOPLES女裝系列,深色圖案與自然色系的配搭流露出初夏之戀的感覺,並帶有點點狂野及不羇的波希米亞風格。隨著飄逸的波浪花邊、性感的花卉圖案及蕾絲細節,為造型加入一絲絲浪漫氣息。全新的 The Kooples 女裝運動系列汲取90 年代的經典潮流美學元素,以寬鬆的低浪運動褲、oversized 連帽衛衣及厚底白波鞋展現潮流個性的穿搭。


THE KOOPLES男士系列,因加州的音樂氣氛而令人着迷。穿 上The Kooples 的他身處加州音樂節,伴著日落紅霞與人群陶醉在音樂氛圍中,他反叛、不受束縛,無畏無懼。白天時分,他穿上印有沖浪及復古老鷹圖案,並搭配搖滾刺繡印花的休閒裝,在Rose Bowl Flea Market 內閒逛。The Kooples 男裝運動系列,以顯眼的標誌和奪目的螢光色調,演繹了籃球世界內活力四射的魅力。


The Kooples 2020春夏男女系列,喚醒潛藏的搖滾精神。