Wood lodge-style Café THE ALP lands at Causeway Bay

Bringing on Japanese-fusion bites, artisanal coffee and hustle-free dining experience, straight from “The Japanese Alps”

Tucked away in the one-of-a-kind, unprecedented Japanese lodge-style Lounge Hakuba is the brand’s subsidiary culinary line and cafe THE ALP, where Japanese-Western-fusion light meals and artisanal coffee serve up authentic, comforting vibes straight from “The Japanese Alps” – Nagano. Inspired by the Japanese philosophy “ikigai”(生き甲斐), or better known as “the reason of being”, THE ALP is founded to hold space for diners, where they find nourishment and fulfilment in their belly as well as in their soul. With its prime location at the heart of Causeway Bay, city-dwellers can surely benefit from the tranquillity and refreshing bites at this hidden urban oasis.

Recreating Brunch, light eats and artisanal coffee with Japanese ingredients & a fusion twist, all realized by a young, dynamic multicultural crew

Inside the kitchen is a group of young, passionate Nepalese up-and-coming sous chefs, led by Nepalese-born, Italian-restaurant-trained Chef Sajal, where he passes on his naturally-fused Nepalese-Italian-Japanese culinary flair. THE ALP offers an array of mains and light meal options made with Japanese ingredients, such as its signature Sando, snacks and drinks. The culinary team is also renowned for its Japanese twist in reinventing the mainstream Brunch as served in its fellow cafes. Taking its Scattered Soba Bowl (HK$118) as an example, this alternative all-day breakfast comprises of 5 wholesome ingredients, including soba, pumpkin, and chicken, which are all specialty products of Nagano, the home of Hakuba. The 4 remaining signature dishes are namely Beef mountain donburi (HK$118)BEEF SANDO (HK$108), Avocado Sourdough (HK$98) Crispy Buttermilk Drumsticks (HK$128). Cooked to perfection and glazed with Japanese mushroom sauce, the Beef mountain donburi’s slow cooked striploin is piled up as a “mountain” and topped with a freshly made poached egg and deep-fried onion, recreating the classic “gyudon” (beef bowl) with a Western touch. BEEF SANDO’s winning combo of slow-cooked beef striploin, crispy onion and thick Japanese “shokupan” bread makes a good old classic, served with homemade BBQ sauce for extra mouth-watering flavours. Vegetarians may fancy THE ALP’s Avocado Sourdough – a creamy avocado bruschetta smash paired with fresh cherry tomatoes and feta cheese for a timelessly riveting combo, deep-fried lotus chip for garnishing, and the specially made mint sauce for a dash of freshness. Crispy Buttermilk Drumsticks is a flavourful main of Nepalese origins, where juicy drumsticks are paired with tamarind puree and crushed pistachio sprinkles, adding a taste of Nepalese flair to the menu.

The Izakaya-style snacks are just as fascinating. What’s worth noting is the café’s staple Yuzu Honey-glazed Chicken Wings (HK$78) and Charcoal-grilled yakitori skewers (HK$78). While the former is made with a secret recipe of the perfectly balanced yuzu-honey sauce, the latter comes in various pork and chicken cuts, all marinated with sake and custom-made sauces.

Delicacies aside, the young local barrister team from THE ALP serves artisanal coffees, ranging from house blend, cold brew to hand drip coffee. The house blend is roasted locally, composed ofimported beans from Guatemala and Brazil.The house blend offers refined red sugar, chocolate and citrus flavours that melts in the mouth. The café also shakes up a few seasonal single origin beans for advanced coffee lovers to further explore. For non-coffee drinks, Chai Latte (HK$45) and Mint Cucumber Soda (HK$38) are also something not to be missed.

A Japanese wood lodge design, for an unparalleled Japanese ambience in Hong Kong

Taking advantage of its exceptional ceiling height, the café has created its signature structure of tan wood beams. Together with fabric sofa, wooden tables and chairs, the design cultivates a natural dining space, bringing forth a surprisingly cozy ambience that sends one off to ski resorts in Japan. As for the outdoor space, café hoppers can expect brand collaborations, music gigs, art events and workshops happening in this space. Stay tuned to THE ALP’s official social media platforms for the latest updates.

Address: Unit 302, 3/F, Tower 535, 535 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 9 am – 6 pm

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 1030 am – 6 pm

(In lieu of arrangements under the government’s gathering ban, please follow THE ALP official social media platforms for latest updates)

Contact number: 2111 1707

Instagram: https://instagram.com/the.alp.hk/