6 Aug 2023 By May Ng

World’s First Metahuman Artist Celebrates Connection and Inclusion with the Tiffany Lock Collection

Aiming to foster an inclusive narrative that transcends borders, MonoC, the world’s first metahuman artist, releases a digital rendition inspired by the new jewellery line Tiffany Lock collection by Tiffany & Co.. 

MonoC, the world’s first metahuman artist, has been inspired by the pioneering Tiffany Lock collection released by renowned international brand Tiffany & Co.. Utilizing the unique characteristic of the collection – a clasp mechanism that echoes the functionality of a padlock. – MonoC has created an avant-garde digital interpretation that embodies the collection’s intention: made for everyone, regardless of gender and identity.

MonoC’s digital expression transcends the boundaries of space and time by merging the virtuality and reality. Through MonoC’s reimagination of the Tiffany Lock collection, she seamlessly blends the jewellery’s sleek, modern aesthetic with her signature floral motifs, encapsulating the collection’s spirit of togetherness and inclusivity. As a metabeing existing between two realms, MonoC merges inspiration and innovation to unlock the transformative power within. Shechampions a world without normative rules, where all are welcome to explore new horizons and express their true selves.

Created by Gusto Collective, virtual artist MonoC already possesses an impressive body of work that has been presented at the Asia Digital Art Fair, and more recently at the Rosewood Hong Kong. As a rising star in the digital art world, her works are being collected by the renowned and futuristic dslcollection, which hosts one of the largest collections of Chinese contemporary art.  MonoC also wore the Tiffany Lock collection’s stunning multicolored gold bangles, earrings, and pendant, during the Hong Kong Art Basel 2023.

“I consider the role of the metahuman artist to be that of an intermediary between the virtual and the physical,” says MonoC. “ Once I laid eyes on the elegant Tiffany Lock Collection, I immediately saw the potential for an artistic expression that can connect with our human audience. The Tiffany Lock is a collection that shares the same values of melding craftsmanship with technology and art with self-expression.”

MonoC x Tiffany & Co