Wulu Legend – Legendary Silk Road as Inspiration to Revamp Yourself

Fine Jewellery Brand Qeelin has launched a new series, the Wulu Legend, with designs that drew inspiration from the Silk Road. Wulu’s iconic aesthetics pay tribute to the origins of the brand, and serves to tie ancient oriental wisdom with modern aesthetics.

Since the founding of Qeelin in 2004, the pieces are famed with incorporating traditional symbolism into its contemporary aesthetics. Every unique jewellery by Qeelin is born of Chinese heritage and infused with modernity, celebrating the beauty of harmony in its artistry. It is with this cultural heritage approach that allows the brand to lighten the lives of the wearer.

Usher in an innovative artistic renaissance with the jewellery pieces

The progress of aesthetic interpretation often derives from the original concept and the fusion of the new ideas. In today’s highly globalized world, Chinese and Western cultures are complimenting each other in its own unique and distinctive ways at the same time. Dennis Chan, Founder and Creative Director of Qeelin, once again set off from Dunhuang, the city that inspired the brand’s conception. There he journeyed on the oldest section of the legendary Silk Road, in order to experience the interaction and integration of Chinese and Western civilizations over the past millennia. With renewed inspiration, he incorporated the exotic features of the Silk Road to the Qeelin’s classic Wulu series, and provided a new self-expression in the multi-cultural landscape from the gourd designs Qeelin is famed for; and with that, the Wulu Legend series was born.

A tribute to the origin with a glorious new steeped in tradition

The Wulu Legend series is divided into designs for daily use and special occasions. For daily use – Commercial Set – the pieces are inlaid with 18K rose gold and diamonds with rubies as embellishments; the ones for special occasions – Couture Set–it features classic Wulu silhouettes to symbolize happiness and longevity. The ruby in the centre forms a pattern that depicts a rich Western Silk Road style. The surface of the jewellery is all inlaid with diamonds, shining brightly to showcase a sense of modernity and prosperity. It is also a new way for millennial to express themselves.

A new chapter for a contemporary interpretation of youth and creativity

In order to showcase Qeelin jewellery’s philosophy, the brand invites you to enter a playful and approachable world where the brand boldly uses urban dance elements and social media hot topics as inspirations. By employing a younger and more modern way to express the collision of tradition and contemporary culture, the series is the epitome of self-expression of the new generation.

At the same time, the brand is launching a brand documentary with pioneering online cultural media platform “Yi Tiao”. In it, Creative Director Dennis Chan talks about Qeelin’s aesthetic imagination of contemporary design and Chinese culture.

In Qeelin’s design philosophy, the functions of a jewellery piece are not to simply give an extra oomph to the wearer’s style, but to explore different creative ways to showcase the pieces and make this daily ritual fun. Together with Qeelin, it is high time to discover the beauty within yourself.