YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong Launches Rare Cuts Omakase Experience
To celebrate the relaxing of social distancing measures, YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong by global sensation WAGYUMAFIA is excited to add a brand new omakase experience to its menu, allowing guests to taste rare cuts of their famed wagyu that has been hand-selected by founder Hisato Hamada directly from the Ozaki farm before being sent to Hong Kong.
Although WAGYUMAFIA Japan exports their wagyu worldwide, Hong Kong is the only city outside of Tokyo to have access to these rare cuts of Ozaki beef as it is the only country Hamada imports the entire ‘head’ (whole cow) to be exclusively tasted at WAGYUMAFIA and YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong.
While provenance, rearing and slaughtering of the cows are important factors affecting the texture and taste of the beef, the butchering of the meat is equally important which is why the butchers at YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong take great pride in the “Migaki” (polishing) process every day when they receive the day’s allocation of meat.
“The Migaki process of each cow is almost ceremonial. When slicing into the different cuts, only the most experienced butchers will know the right way to remove the fat and the sinews while navigating around the different muscles to ensure you get the finest taste and texture out of that cut. The slightest change in the angle of the knife could affect the marbling, texture and flavour of the meat,” said Yohei Yamamoto, Chef de Cuisine of WAGYUMAFIA Hong Kong.
The omakase set (HK$980) features six rare cuts and is accompanied by YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong’s signature Wagyu bone soup, cast-iron prepared Koshihikari rice, daikon with ponzu, pickled cucumbers, “big eye” BBQ dipping sauce and Hong Kong exclusive Wagyu Keema Curry, along with the Goma Salad and Soft Serve.
Guests ordering the omakase set will be able to try different rare cuts each time as the butchers will choose the cuts depending on what meat is available that day.
Some of the rare cuts include:
  • Senbon suji (rib cap), one of the top cuts of beef at the back of the ribs, between the chuck and sirloin cuts, with intensely sweet fat and rich umami taste
  • Zabuton (top blade), the meat located behind the shoulder blades, a rare cut as only two kg of this cut can be polished from each cow
  • Misuji (chuck flap), famous for having “the best marbling” among cuts of wagyu beef. This exceptionally tender cut is the central part of the chuck eye roll, each cow only has around three to four kg
  • Kata shin (chuck eye), the well-muscled and lean cut from the area between the shoulders and upper part of the foreleg with strong flavours
  • Kainomi (flap meat), the closest part to tenderloin with excellent flavour balance between lean and fat meat
  • Sankaku Bara (Chuck Short Rib), the perfect cut to taste in order to enjoy the sweetness of the fat and the umami of the lean meat in one bite
  • Rib geta (rib finger), the meat in between the ribeye and rib bones

One of the differentiating factors that keeps guests coming back to YAIKINIKUMAFIA time and again is the superior quality of Ozaki beef and now, even more chances to try a range of different cuts and textures, all of which are never pre-seasoned when served to allow its natural flavours to shine through.

Guests can also supplement additional cuts based on their preferences and order extra steaks that are cut to order, as well as YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong’s signature “FML” cuts – fatty (otoro), medium fatty (chutoro) and lean (akami), and side dishes as desired.  
When booking, guests interested in learning about the Migaki process and the different cuts of beef should request the standing chef’s table where they can watch YAKINIKUMAFIA Hong Kong’s butchers “cut-to-order” and also learn the best ways to grill the different cuts of meat, whether at the restaurant or at home.
For reservations, guests can register on the official website to receive a private booking link. Reservations open on the 15th of each month for the following month.
Address: 2/F, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan
Telephone: + 852 3105 1250
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Opening Hours: 
12pm-5pm – Lunch
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