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Savour the Chinese Winter Tonic Feast

From the period of Winter Begins to Great Cold, Yat Tung Heen culinary team hand-picked an array of seasonal and nourishing ingredients to present the Chinese Winter Tonic Feast to keep you warm and healthy from the inside out.

Strengthen Kidney Qi
In nature, winter is dominated by yin qi and is a time for rest and storage. According to the Chinese Medicine theory, it is believed healthy in winter to nourish yin qi as well as to protect the yang qi inside the human bodies. It is also important to nurture kidney qi as it can be easily depleted during wintertime.

Double-boiled Soft-shell Turtle with Ginseng and Cordycep Flower
HK$108 per person
Doubled-boiled with ginseng and cordycep flower, this savoury soft-shell turtle soup is good for nourishing yin qi, boosting blood circulation, removing internal heat and strengthening kidneys, which is suitable for people with winter cold hands and feet symptoms.
Honey-glazed Dried Oysters accompanied with Goose Webs and Layered Beancurd Sheets
HK$268 per dish
Inspired by the western dessert mille-feuilles, this dish consists of three layers – honey-glased dried oysters, goose webs and layered beancurd sheets, which can help to nourish yin qi and warm the human kidneys and stomach. The taste of honey goes really well with the enticing aroma of dried oyster, gelatinous goose webs and the crispy layered beancurd.

Stewed Whole Duck stuffed with Lotus Seed, Lily Bulb, Pork, Yunnan Ham and Salted Egg
HK$298 per dish
Indulge yourself in this traditional Cantonese dish – stuffed whole deboned duck with seasonal food ingredients like lotus seed, lily bulb stewed with savoury Yunnan ham and salted egg. It is especially good for removing internal heat and invigorating human spleen, lung and kidneys.

Double-boiled Bird’s Nest with Milk in Whole Young Coconut
HK$68 per person
In traditional Chinese medicine theory, kidney qi is responsible for ruling the bones, therefore it is also essential for human to keep their bones strong in winter. Sample this refreshing dessert which is composed by young

coconut, bird’s nest and fresh milk – a good source to obtain of dietary calcium that helps to strengthen human bones.
Sweetened Lotus Seed Tea with Egg, Fleece flower Root and Herba Taxilli
HK$22 per person
Mild in nature, Herba Taxilli can tonify the human liver, kidneys and strengthen sinew and bone while Lotus seeds can fortify the spleen and kidney, this sweet soup is excellent for tonify the qi and boosting the blood circulation.