9 Jul 2023 By May Ng

Yat Tung Heen Transforms Mooncake Box into Environmentally-Friendly Vintage Jewellery Box and Introduces New Flavors

With Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner, Eaton HK’s one Michelin-starred Yat Tung Heen is delighted to unveil its exquisite traditional Mid-Autumn mooncakes presented in an elegant and environmentally friendly mooncake box, which can be conveniently repurposed as a double-layer keepsake box for jewelry, trinkets, souvenirs and other memorabilia.

Crafted from timber and adorned with a textured Yat Tung Heen logo, the modern, elegant forest-green gift box complements its removable golden interiorThe gift box contains two layers—the top layer opens upward, while the bottom compartment features a pull-out design. Once the mooncakes have been shared and savored, the box can be repurposed as a keepsake box, ideal for storing accessories, trinkets, souvenirs, and other cherished items. The wooden dividers can be easily removed and adjusted, providing greater flexibility for future use, underscoring its sustainable design.

The variety package of Deluxe Mini Mooncake Assortment Gift Set (HK$498) comes in three luxurious flavors: Mini Lava Egg Custard Mooncake (2 pcs), Mini Lava Egg Custard White Lotus Seed Paste Mooncake (2 pcs) and Mini Red Bean Paste with Mandarin Peel Mooncake (2 pcs). It’s a perfect addition to any home as it satisfies and accommodates everyone’s taste preferences. The indulgent and most popular option is the Mini Lava Egg Custard Mooncake Gift Set (HK$498) offers a taste of tradition with its buttery, delicate crust and its rich, aromatic custard filling.
The Yat Tung Heen Michelin-starred mooncake gift box can now be purchased at an early bird discount:

Michelin-starred Moon Cake Assortment Early Bird Privileges:
From now on until July 31, enjoy 30% off:
HK$348 (Deluxe Mini Mooncake Assortment Gift Set);
HK$348 (Mini Lava Egg Custard Mooncake Gift Set)
From August 1 to 31, enjoy 20% off:
HK$398 (Deluxe Mini Mooncake Assortment Gift Set);
HK$398 (Mini Lava Egg Custard Mooncake Gift Set)
From September 1 to 15, enjoy 15% off:
HK$428 (Deluxe Mini Mooncake Assortment Gift Set);
HK$428 (Mini Lava Egg Custard Mooncake Gift Set)

Purchase now via Yat Tung Heen website to enjoy the early bird offer:  https://yattungheengifts.com