16 Mar 2024 By May Ng

YUM CHA and Dragon Academy Join Forces to Offer an Unforgettable Culinary Experience

YUM CHA, the renowned dim sum restaurant, is thrilled to announce its grand reopening this February. Located right next door, Dragon Academy, formerly known as Dragon Noodle Academy, also joins in the excitement. These two culinary destinations are poised to offer an unforgettable dining experience that seamlessly blends traditional Chinese flavors, innovative twists, and the enchantment of dragons.

YUM CHA has long been a cherished gathering place for families, friends, and business associates. The restaurant’s mission is to deliver an unforgettable dining experience by infusing traditional Chinese cuisine with a touch of playfulness while preserving the authentic essence of each dish. Guests can expect to savor an array of delectable dim sum and other culinary delights, all crafted with fresh and quality ingredients.

Dragon Academy, on the other hand, has been a sister brand of Dragon Noodles Academy, captivating food lovers since its establishment in 2018. This culinary gem earned the prestigious Michelin Guide Plate Award in its first year and has been recommended by the renowned Michelin Cantonese Cuisine Guide. Dragon Academy offers a carefully crafted menu that showcases the essence of Chinese cuisine, blending ancient traditions with modern trends.

Situated in a vibrant East-meets-West atmosphere, both YUM CHA and Dragon Academy pay homage to nostalgic Chinese dining traditions. The establishments aim to be places where families and friends can come together to share delicious and balanced meals. With their elegant interiors and tasteful decor, guests will be transported to a bygone era, reminiscent of traditional teahouses.

YUM CHA and Dragon Academy invite guests to indulge in their signature dishes, each designed to captivate both the visual interest and appetite of diners. The culinary teams take pride in utilizing fresh, seasonal ingredients to create dishes that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are flavorful. With an emphasis on quality and authenticity, both establishments guarantee a healthy and palatable dining experience.

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