16 Oct 2022 By May Ng


Every road and every path, at Zegna, starts from, and brings to, Oasi Zegna. Envisioned by the founder as a way to give back to the community, Oasi Zegna is not only a unique model of societal and environmental consciousness, but also, and more broadly, a set of values that ultimately foster consistency and promote harmony: between men, machine and nature, past and present, belief and innovation, always looking ahead while keeping track of our roots.

Vertically integrated and with a widening span of activities, the identity of Zegna is based on a fearless vision and a continuous quest for innovation, fostering excellence as a value. Investing in a culture of excellence for our storied house means promoting knowledge and a social capital of relations and trust. Excellence, for Zegna, is instrumental in generating new thoughts, in creating connections and dialogue, in producing values shared collectively and internationally. It is the fuel that ultimately activates movement on Our Road to Tomorrow for over 110 years and a deep organic platform, being the result of an ethos that keeps together people and environment, values and wellbeing, in an authentic system of actions, mindsets and products with a responsible soul.

Responsibility towards community and territory has been a driving principle since the inception of the company in 1910. Oasi Zegna symbolizes and materializes it all, acting as a monument to quality of life and attention to future generations as well as a mirror to highest industrial quality.

Oasi Zegna was envisioned by the founder and that vision stays. The same all-encompassing ethos, now, is embodied in Oasi Cashmere collection: the Oasi Zegna values give tactile materiality and deep, engaging colors in fabrics grown and woven out of a passion for excellence and love for the beauty of nature and the overall harmony that only a responsible development can guarantee.

Oasi Cashmere is a central development on Our Road to Traceability, as we commit that cashmere fiber used in the whole collection will be fully traceable by 2024. As industrious masters of fabric, we take the world’s finest raw materials which are manufactured in Italy: this is a part of our legacy of action ignited generations ago.

Born in Nature, Oasi Cashmere is a thing of excellence based on the ethics of beauty as we continue to strengthen our commitment to source responsibly, in harmony with nature, from goat to garment. Oasi Cashmere is based on the assumption that the very best garments can only come from the best natural resources and that the best natural resources need to be cared for and can be traced.

Zegna’s vertically integrated business model allows to be responsible and accountable, from start to finish. This is responsibility: showing respect across the whole chain. In turn, all the products will have a truthful ID, highlighting how deep values are set as identity traits. As an authentication of our commitment to traceability we actually enclosed in all our clothing a QR code showing the entire journey of the Oasi Cashmere collection, from the cashmere farm to the stores as well as bringing the customer to Oasi Zegna where the campaign has been shot. The humanistic values that inform Oasi Zegna – giving back and caring for nature as a way to preserve the wellbeing of future generations and to creating harmony between humankind and environment – stay within and inspire Oasi Cashmere.

Oasi Cashmere is a qualitythat can be applied to cashmere: beautiful fabric-making based on beautiful values, making products beautiful to the eye as they are beautiful to the touch, putting those values back in circle within the world. Quality matches quality of life as looking at the future is the belief that our actions today will shape our tomorrow.

Oasi Cashmere for Zegna is intentive to be a trademark of traceability and accountability, moving in the direction of this cashmere being responsibly sourced, from remote farms in the world to innovative manufacturing in Italy.

Oasi Cashmere. Born in Oasi Zegna.

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