10 Mar 2022 By May Ng

Zegna Triple Stitch Sneaker – Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

Reimagined by Artistic Director Alessandro Sartori each new season, the multifaceted Zegna Triple Stitch™ Sneaker has firmly secured its place as enduring icon in contemporary menswear. While continually updated in new wearable colors, the bestselling sneaker essential has remained a centerpiece of Zegna’s modern wardrobe ever since its introduction. Bringing practicality and pragmatism to the forefront, the highly adaptable Triple Stitch™ exemplifies the brand’s 112-year-long progressive path of innovation and evolution, meeting the modern man’s style needs towards a Luxury Leisurewear take.

Transcending dress codes and defying categorization, the Triple Stitch™ Sneaker is a symbol of modern style. Made for every moment, the design features a streamlined silhouette that channels understated elegance. It is crafted from a selection of elevated materials, from rich grained leather to canvas and soft suede, finished with distinctive elasticated straps to conveniently slip on and off with ease. Ensuring comfort with every step, the Triple Stitch™ Sneaker showcases a remarkably flexible construction and lightweight rubber sole.

Designed in step with today’s changing way of life, the elegant shoe reflects the dynamic needs of modern men. Seamlessly segueing across each new context and location, it has been envisioned to navigate work, leisure and travel effortlessly. Embodying a true versatility, the sneaker complements formal and casual outfits alike, pairing perfectly with both sophisticated trousers and sporty joggers. A real and desirable icon of men’s style the Triple Stitch™ Sneaker from Zegna is made for anytime, anywhere, anyplace.

Zegna Triple Stitch Sneaker
Zegna Triple Stitch Sneaker