13 Oct 2023 By May Ng

Zentis Osaka Hotel: Collaborative Design Showcase by Kajima Design and Tara Bernerd & Partners

Celebrating 3 Years as Osaka’s Urban Sanctuary 

Zentis Osaka, the flagship property of Palace Hotel Group and a prestigious member of Design Hotels, marks its 3rd anniversary as a standout urban oasis. With over 50 years of history as one of Osaka’s most iconic establishments and drawing inspiration from Palace Hotel Tokyo, Zentis Osaka has become a symbol of luxury and authentic Japanese hospitality in the city.

Incorporating local design elements that reflect the city’s spirit, Zentis Osaka proudly represents Osaka as the first property to join the prestigious Design Hotels collection. This achievement was made possible through a collaboration between the renowned Japanese architectural firm Kajima Design, responsible for the captivating exterior, and the esteemed team at Tara Bernerd & Partners, who led the interior design, seamlessly blending aesthetics and functionality to embody the essence of Zentis Osaka.

In the guestrooms of Zentis Osaka, Tara Bernerd & Partners have brilliantly woven the essence of Japanese culinary culture, particularly the bento tradition, into their meticulous design approach. This showcases a profound respect for Japanese spatial sensibilities. Angular designs thoughtfully partition each area, optimizing functionality and ensuring a seamless flow within the space. The bathroom walls are adorned with slender, cool-grey tiles, reminiscent of the fluted Japanese izumo tiles featured in the hotel’s elegant bar, creating a harmonious visual connection.

To further enrich the room’s aesthetic appeal and cultural significance, exquisitely crafted Shigaraki-yaki tables from the renowned pottery kilns of Shiga stand gracefully beside each bed. In addition, above each bed, captivating charcoal art pieces, inspired by the Japanese calligraphy art form “shodo,” serve as striking focal points. These unique artworks, crafted by local artist Masami Ehara and reproduced as wallpaper, contribute to the overall room aesthetics, infusing it with creativity and cultural depth.

Zentis Osaka seamlessly marries its interior and exterior spaces, beautifully showcased in its enchanting lobby and ground-floor garden. Tara Bernerd & Partners have achieved a flawless connection by introducing a floor-to-ceiling Crittal window that gracefully stretches from the ground floor to the first floor, establishing a visual flow between the dining areas. The entrance warmly welcomes guests with exposed brickwork, wooden beams, ceppo stone, structural ironwork, and a striking blue-limestone stairway. A palette of soothing taupes and whites complements the staircases, while touches of steel blue, honey, ochre, and sage infuse depth and character. The mid-century styled light fixtures enhance the industrial chic and inviting luxury envisioned by Bernerd.

Zentis Osaka
Zentis Osaka
Zentis Osaka