1 Oct 2023 By May Ng

Zeva x YUN WELLNESS Introducing new hair spa at Island Shangri-La Hotel, continues to develop holistic approach to hair and scalp care

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ZEVA, a pioneering hair spa in Hong Kong that utilizes cutting-edge trichology technologies, is pleased to announce their collaboration with YUN WELLNESS, luxurious spa and health centre at Island Shangri-La Hotel. Together, they are more than thrilled for welcoming the opening of the Zeva latest hair spa at Yun Wellness.

To introduce guests to the hair spa concept, an exclusive event focusing on hair care and hair wellness will take place on 26 September 2023 at YUN WELLNESS. The event will feature Dr. Sharon Wong, a UK-trained GMC registered Consultant Dermatologist and co-founder of The MW Clinic London, who will demonstrate scalp analysis. YUN WELLNESS’ Wellness Director Dr. Tal Friedman, ND, will also share his hair growth knowledge. In addition, Brenda Leung, the founder of Zeva Hair Spa, will provide tips on home massage for hair growth.

Different stages, different needs. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of factors, such as pregnancy, stress, aging, or scalp folliculitis. Rather than attempting to solve the problem based on hearsay and rumours, take care of it with the knowledge and expertise that comes from professional treatment.

At Zeva Hair Spa, professional and personalized advice is provided to clients, while providing full support on their journey with various treatments, from medical help to in-spa treatments and home treatments. With the help of experienced trichologists, receiving suitable medical treatments during the key moment, would turn client’s hair into lush silk. The full range of treatments is the result of extensive and in-depth research by the ZEVA team.

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