11 Jan 2024 By Aiyana K

Berluti releases the first chapter of Spring 2024 collection

Featuring French-Algerian entrepreneur Lounes Mazouz in New York

For Spring-Summer 2024, Berluti reflects the contemporary culture of masculine dress codes in a quintessential proposal founded in the Maison’s own genetics. Anchored in everyday savoir-faire, the collection studies – both pragmatically and figuratively – the fusion of contrasts that shapes authentic garments and accessories relevant for today. Berluti presents the latest Spring-Summer 2024 collection featuring gentlemen from different backgrounds to interpret their own Berluti styles with their passions, journeys, and aesthetics.

The first chapter takes place in New York city with French-Algerian entrepreneur Lounes Mazouz demonstrates his own day to day style with Berluti wardrobe.

Lounes Mazouz is a dynamic entrepreneur and nightlife connoisseur, whose family own restaurants like Momo, Sketch and Derrière. From Paris to London and the UAE, his journey through the diverse landscapes of cuisine started young. It then unfolded in New York, where he opened Ella Funt in May 2022, a chic Neo-French bistro, decorated with a captivating art collection. Upcoming projects include rejuvenating the legendary Club 82 in New York. Outside his professional realm, Lounes Mazouz harbours a passion for surfing, travel, and cinema, the latter leading to an acting role in the upcoming movie, «Pet Shop Days». His adventurous spirit has soared across seventy countries and six continents, reflecting a life lived in a delightful state of perpetual motion and exploration.

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