19 Jan 2024 By May Ng

lululemon launches Lunar New Year campaign “Be Spring” featuring Academy Award-winning actress Michelle Yeoh and the theatrical dance “Wing Chun”

lululemon today launches a Lunar New Year campaign featuring Academy Award-winning actress Michelle Yeoh and eight theatrical dancers of “Wing Chun” to present the short film “Be Spring”. Debuting in time to welcome the Year of the Dragon, this film is a celebration of the arrival of spring, a season signifying rebirth and new beginnings. Through a poetic enactment of the meeting of mind and body, the film explores the concept of wellbeing, inviting us to find eternal spring in our everyday lives.

Born in the East and raised in the West, Oscar-winning actress Michelle Yeoh embodies the cultural confluence of East and West. Her years of training in both dance and martial arts have formed the foundation for her decorated acting career. On being well, Yeoh recommends taking time to listen and understand oneself – our mind, body and spirit – as keys to achieving balance and finding inner peace in one’s life. As a newly appointed member of the International Olympic Committee, she plans to continue championing the benefits of sports and contributing to the community by encouraging more people to integrate physical movement and find balance in their own lives.

“I’m delighted to be partnering with lululemon. Sports have always been an important element of my life, and in my role as a member of the International Olympic Committee, I am committed to helping more people, especially younger generations, benefit from sports,” said Michelle Yeoh. “Wing Chun holds a special place in my heart. Back in 1994, I starred in the movie ‘Wing Chun’, and thirty years later, I’m honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate with these professional dancers to re-interpret Wing Chun through the short film ‘Be Spring’. This is a concept that resonates with me deeply. Having our own inner spring all year round is our superpower.”

“At lululemon, we believe that everyone has the right to be well, and we are committed to the advocacy of wellbeing. This new year, we wanted to explore wellbeing through the lens of eastern culture – our essence, our energy and our spirit (精气神),” said Lynn Cheah, Vice President of Brand Marketing & Community at lululemon China. “Presented through the juxtaposition of Chinese martial arts – in this case Wing Chun (咏春) – and dance, ‘Be Spring’ is a celebration of spring, and an invitation to find your balance and your own eternal spring. It is an honour and a pleasure to have both Michelle Yeoh and dancers from the theatrical dance ‘Wing Chun’ join us in realizing this film. Through their movements, they truly demonstrate both the power of martial arts and the grace of dance.”

The short film “Be Spring” was produced by an all-star cast and crew was shot in the mountain settings of Jingning and Xiandu, featuring Michelle alongside a cast of dancers from the Shenzhen Opera and Dance Theatre.

The limited Lunar New Year capsule collection draws inspiration from the unique shapes and curves formed by overlapping dragon scales. The capsule includes a Satin Balloon-Sleeve Jacket made with a silky satin fabric featuring a glossy finish suitable for both day and evening engagements. Festive and versatile, these capsule pieces are perfect for holiday celebrations and everyday wear. Well-loved lululemon franchises like the Align™, Metal Vent Tech and Wunder Puff have also been reimagined in this season’s color palette, making them great options to wear both in and out of the studio.

To celebrate with guests and their loved ones as they soar into the Year of the Dragon, lululemon will offer one set of limited-edition red packets with every purchase in lululemon Hong Kong stores* on a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last, starting from late January. To view the “Be Spring” short film, please visit https://bit.ly/3RNxhhS