6 Aug 2023 By May Ng

Michelin-Starred Chef Olivier Elzer Debuts Health-Conscious Summer Campaign at Clarence

Renowned Michelin-starred chef Olivier Elzer is set to shake up health-conscious dining in Hong Kong with the launch of the Summer Health Campaign at his contemporary French restaurant, Clarence.

A health and fitness enthusiast, Chef Elzer is well-known for his commitment to making French cuisine lighter and healthier. As a dedicated practitioner of diverse fitness routines ranging from Muay Thai to triathlon training, he recognised a common struggle among fitness enthusiasts – the need to sacrifice taste while adhering to specific diets for health or weight-loss goals. To address this, Chef Elzer wanted to help people who want to eat and feel good this season without compromising on taste through introducing a ketogenic menu made in collaboration with Oliver Smith, co-founder of Ketogenic Asia, as well as launching a new set featuring the popular signature yellow chicken.

At only 1,088 calories in total, Clarence’s keto menu ($988) was created in collaboration with the co-founder of Ketogenic Asia Oliver Smith. A clinical nutritionist and ketogenic diet specialist, Smith discovered the transformative power of the ketogenic diet through his son’s experience with intractable epilepsy and autism. His passion for applying scientific methods to improve health led him to co-found Ketogenic Asia, a premier centre providing professional ketogenic coaching, high-quality products, and cutting-edge research resources in Hong Kong. He also works with OT&P Healthcare as their nutritionist and hypnotherapist.


“Whenever I’m working out, because I’m a chef, other gym goers often complain to me about how they struggle to maintain a balance between taste and health in their diet,” said Chef Elzer. “Our new keto menu is a reflection of my belief that health-conscious dining can also be tasty. I am thrilled to collaborate with Oliver to make this vision a reality.”

Prepared with high-quality ingredients that align with the principles of a ketogenic diet, the menu features a tasteful selection of dishes, such as Alaskan King Crab Legs, Tomatoes Pulp & Eggplant Caviar, Chilean Sea Bass & Tandoori, and Pork Pluma & Gribiche. The new initiative will see Smith bring his wealth of knowledge in the benefits of a ketogenic lifestyle from personal experience and how a keto diet can help transform different health-related issues.


The second highlight of the summer campaign is the Summer Roast Chicken Set, an offer designed to challenge the notion that healthier choices necessitate a higher price tag. Available now, diners can indulge in the delightful flavours of the signature Yellow Chicken Cooked “Crapaudine” Basquaise Garnish & Chicken Juice, coupled with a specially curated serving of salad, crispy potatoes, and two drinks, all at a tantalising price of just $598 for two guests. The set is exclusively available during lunch hours, making it an ideal meal to share with a gym buddy after a rigorous workout session.

Clarence’s summer campaign is a testament to Chef Elzer’s commitment to providing delectable French cuisine that is made lighter while also supporting his patrons’ health and wellness aspirations. This summer, the dining experience at Clarence is set to be a delicious journey of taste and health.

Clarence is located at 25/F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 3568 1397. For more information and updates, you can visit clarencehk.com, or join Clarence on Instagram @clarencehongkong.