1 Jun 2024 By May Ng

Presents the High Summer 2024 Collection Introducing the Viv’ by the Sea mule

Roger Vivier launches its High Summer 2024 collection which, thanks to creativedirector Gherardo Felloni’s eclectic taste, reflects a serene joie de vivre: one of theMaison’s key pillars and a value to be felt like the vibrant atmosphere of a summer’s day.

The deep clear blue of the sky, the sound of the waves crashing onto the sand and thewarm rosy light of sunset all come together in this campaign, creating the impression ofa seemingly dilated flow of time. Roger Vivier’s High Summer 2024 collection has the colours and taste of summer but reflects the season’s essence rather than its form. In the city, just like at a seaside destination, the designs embody an emotional liveliness.

From the colour palette to the playful aspect of the accessories, everything speaks of a lightness that belongs exclusively to summer. Between bold shapes, cheerful colours and meticulously crafted details, thanks to the Maison’s excellent craftsmanship, elegant items and the way they make the wearer feel are at the centre of the narrative. From the Viv’ Choc bag proposed with a tie-dye effect in pastel colours like lilac, pink and yellow, to the Raffia Sandals with their crystal buckle, the High Summer collectioncombines refinement and wearability. Starring among the new additions is the Viv’ by theSea mule, perfect at the seaside or in the city.