17 May 2024 By May Ng

Sam Edelman reveals Summer Sandals & Casual Footwear Collection

Catch Some Rays & Show off your Resort Style

Sam Edelman’s Americana-inspired designs illustrate the footwear label’s uniquely romantic summer vibes. Show off your shoes under the summer sun and let your personality shine in paradise found. This season’s minimalistic sandals, flats and mules in florals and denim will bring a summer unlike the ones ever before. Let’s check into vacation mode!

Minimalistic Sandals

Spring/Summer 2024 is all about simple, minimalistic strokes: and taking the crown is the iconic sandal. Sam Edelman’s sandals exude an unspoken elegance and sophistication while promising an unprecedent freedom and comfort so you can embark on any summer adventure.

Kick Back in Knits

Leather and hay under the warm sun make up the scents of summer. Kick back in Sam Edelman’s footwear in leather and natural raffia to relish in the season of good times and tan lines.

The Marvelous Mule

Mules go with just about anything all around the year. Wear it by itself and show off your pizzazz, or with socks for a statement, effortless chic look. The classic LINNIE Mule highlights brassy, gold-tone hardware and a glittery scalloped insole trim for a dash of dainty, lightweight style. Available in number of refreshing colours for your refreshing, summer wardrobe.