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SẾP and SOMM’s Philosophy Unveil The New Wine & Fire Journey



Indochine Vietnamese Real Dining Elevated with Special Curated Wine Pairing

SẾP, the pioneer of refined Indochine Vietnamese cuisine in Hong Kong dining scene with its captivating wood-fired concept which pursues a real dining experience, is delighted to announce the exciting collaboration with SOMM’s Philosophy, spearheaded by the world-renowned founder-sommelier Reeze Choi. This remarkable partnership brings together two passionate masterminds, combining the culinary artistry of SẾP and the expertise of SOMM’s Philosophy, resulting in an extraordinary wine pairing experience that transcends boundaries.

Under the visionary leadership of Executive Chef DoBee Lam, SẾP has revolutionized diners’ perception to Vietnamese cuisine, the ingenious use of wood-fire cooking infuses SẾP’s dishes with a mesmerizing aroma and smoky allure, offering guests an unparalleled dining experience.


“Wine is the ‘third sauce’ in our culinary journey

When asked about Chef DoBee’s perspective on working with Reeze Choi, he states, “Reeze’s deep understanding of the intricate flavors that make wood-fired Vietnamese food unique, along with his belief in the beauty and complementarity of spicy and sour flavors with fine wines, showcases his remarkable taste buds and expertise. What makes Reeze truly special is his ability to enhance the flavors and uniqueness of each dish, taking the dining experience to new heights. In his world, wine becomes the ‘third sauce’ in our culinary journey, where guests can embark on a sensory adventure, exploring the interplay between food, wine, and SẾP condiments. Reeze’s talent in elevating aromas and making flavors pop is simply amazing.”

Reeze Choi further elaborates on this collaboration, “SẾP has truly shattered my preconceived notions about Vietnamese cuisine, showcasing an unparalleled level of uniqueness and culinary excellence. It is an extraordinary establishment where Vietnamese flavors undergo a refined transformation, resulting in an exquisite dining experience. The seamless blend of creativity and tradition, enhanced by the mesmerizing touch of woodfire, which sets SẾP apart from any other dining venue in its class. While some may categorize it as fine-dining, I find that it surpasses such labels. The warm and inviting atmosphere, combined with genuinely hospitable service, creates an environment that allows me to fully relax and indulge in the remarkable cuisine without any sense of formality or rigidity. SẾP is a place where I can unwind, immerse myself in the vibrant flavors, and wholeheartedly appreciate the culinary artistry on display.

When designing the wine pairings for SẾP, my utmost focus preserving the vibrant and lively freshness that characterizes Vietnamese cuisine. I meticulously strive to showcase the invigorating green flavors while harmonizing them with the delightful spiciness and refreshing citrus scents that permeate the dishes. Moreover, I devote special attention to enhancing the aromatic qualities and capturing the distinct taste imparted by the wood fire. By thoughtfully considering these elements, the wine pairings at SẾP aim to elevate the overall dining experience, creating a seamless interplay between flavors, aromas, and the essence of wood-fired Vietnamese cuisine.”


In this partnership, SẾP introduces a new wine pairing concept designed by SOMM’s Philosophy, inviting guests to embark on a sensory indulgence matching the woodfire and petite menus. This meticulously crafted wine pairing menu showcases a selection of 5 glasses priced at HK$480 or a quaffed 7 glasses selection at HK$680.

The wine pairing by Reeze is accompanied by thoughtfully selected wines to create a harmonious experience. This selection includes a diverse range of wines chosen specifically to enhance the flavors and nuances of Vietnamese cuisine. From the crisp elegance of whites to the rich complexities of reds, the wine list offers a variety of options for discerning palates, providing diners with a multitude of choices to perfectly complement the wood-fired dishes.



Besides the introduction of the regular wine pairing menu, SẾP and SOMM’s Philosophy are hosting a series of exclusive wine dinners, The inaugural wine dinner is scheduled to take place on May 17, 2024. During this event, Reeze will be on stage alongside Chef DoBee, showcasing his wine pairing philosophy.

Indulgence will be at the forefront of this special evening as guests are treated to a meticulously curated 8-course menu, each of the dishes has been thoughtfully crafted to complement the exceptional wines on offer, creating a harmonious symphony of taste and texture that will transport guests to a realm of culinary bliss.

Indochine Essence: Layers and Wines


Date                         : May 17, 2024

Price                         : HK$2,400+10% / person

Format                     : 8-Course Dinner Included Wine Pairing

Reservation Link    : https://sevn.ly/xw4p3Cj4


The collaboration between SẾP and SOMM’s Philosophy is a celebration of their shared passions for food and wine, as Chef DoBee and Reeze have created an extraordinary wine pairing experience that elevates the dining journey at SẾP to unparalleled heights of gastronomic delight. Each dish is thoughtfully paired with wines that artfully enhance and complement the flavors, resulting in a harmonious symphony of tastes that captivate the senses.

DoBee Lam, Executive Chef, SẾP

In early 2022, DoBee Lam joined Lai Sun Dining as the Executive Chef of our new Vietnamese wood-fired restaurant – SẾP in Central, due to open in November 2022. DoBee, a multi-talented Chef, makes full use of his strong artistic sense and knowledge gained from his Arts and Culinary Education, had been heavily involved in the making of SẾP in every aspect including the naming of this new addition.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chef DoBee discovered his passion for cooking at a very young age. In the past 20 years, he had travelled to many countries in his working life and had enriched his culinary skills and cooking philosophies along the way. Chef DoBee had completed his degree at the Culinary Institute of America in Napa Valley, the US where he had gained extensive culinary skills and knowledges. In 2015, he had travelled to Vietnam and had spent 7 years there to fully immerse himself at the local food culture and the most authentic taste of different regions of Vietnam, where he had discovered and was fascinated by the wood-fire cooking culture originated from the ethnic minorities of the hill tribes at the mountainous region, and this is where he got the inspiration of introducing the fire-cooking trend to Hong Kong’s dining scene, which had been prevailing in many major cities all over the world in recent years.

Reeze Choi, Founder of SOMM’s Philosophy

SOMM’s Philosophy, spearheaded by Reeze Choi, the distinguished 3rd Best Sommelier of the World in 2023 as recognized by the esteemed ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale), is dedicated to curating wine selections that impeccably harmonize with the vibrant flavors of SẾP’s cuisine. With a wealth of passion and expertise, Reeze meticulously designs the wine pairings for SẾP, seeking to accentuate the vibrant freshness of Vietnamese cuisine. Each pairing is carefully crafted to highlight the hallmarks of Vietnamese dishes – the grassy, spicy, and citrusy notes – while seamlessly harmonizing with the smoky essence derived from wood fire cooking techniques.


Awards and Recognitions

  • 3rd Best Sommelier of the world in 2023 by ASI (Association de la Sommellerie Internationale)
  • Asia – Oceania Best Sommelier Competition 2018
  • Champion of The Best Sommelier Greater China in 2016, 2017, 2020 & 2022


About SẾP
This contemporary Indochine Vietnamese restaurant with wood-fire concept is helmed by Executive Chef DoBee Lam, a multi-talented Hong Kong Chef with over 25 years of experience in Food & Beverage industry.

SẾP is a great addition to the bustling Central area, exquisite Indochine Vietnamese dishes of SẾP infused French-style and the essence of major cities in Vietnam. With décor co-designed by Chef DoBee and the design house, the interior is fitting for the Central crowd with discerning taste, fitted with burnt wood-panelled walls (represents wood-fire cooking), biophilic bamboo walls and ceilings (natural essence of Vietnam) and a fine touch of Indochine artworks and decorations (colonial influence) and golden wall panels throughout the welcome area.

Open kitchen with wood-fire set up is the perfect hang out spot, allowing guests to watch our chefs in action and to find out more about the wood-fire cuisine, Chef DoBee’s hand-picked ingredients and preparations behind his signature dishes. Accommodating up to 90 guests, our 4 highly versatile private rooms are perfect for intimate gatherings or large parties, Chef DoBee is one of the most experienced caterers in Hong Kong and can be your personal chef for high-end barbeque catering and bespoke dinner parties or events.


Address: 19/F, H Code, 45 Pottinger Street, Central, Hong Kong

Reservation: https://bit.ly/41a7ov7

Website: https://sep-hk.com