24 Nov 2023 By May Ng

SPORT b. 2023 Winter Collection Paying Homage to Electronic Music with a Street-Fashion Twist

A continuation of the brand’s devotion to music prominent in its SPORT b. Fall/Winter “Art of Sound” Collection is the all-new “Psyche Wave” series that again tips the hat to the founding father of French electronic music, Pierre Henry. Again marrying classic rock music videos with fashion, vintage band t-shirts and chic jackets are reinterpreted with a clever combination of pastel colours and electronic music motifs to convey a street-fashion look and to showcase the brand’s obsession with music and innovation in design.

Play on Visual Effects

Revealing the SPORT b. DINO in a Myriad Fascinating Ways

Inspired by music maven Pierre Henry’s electronic music videos, SPORT b.’s “Psyche Wave” collection highlights the brand signature DINO in music-inspired patterns like soundtracks, sound waves and audio frequencies. A spotlight is the smudge colour effect that mimics vintage vinyl records, as well as t-shirts and hoodies done in lenticular printing, which reveals different patterns in different angles thanks to a play on light refractions – mimicking the intricate ways in which music grooves. Also not to be missed is Optical Art to depict moving patterns on flat surfaces; plus meticulous French craftsmanship evident in its quality embossing, letterpress prints as well as chain stitching that bring both a sense of playfulness and awe to every item.

Functional Materials in Fashionable Pieces that can Brave the Elements

The Psyche Wave collection is more than just for the eyes, it checks off boxes in both function and fashion with a street-wear twist. Expect work and military wear in midnight blue, peacock green, earth tones, Moroccan maroon and more that highlight practical features like water-repellant materials on a lightweight down jacket; a detachable vest and a 3M reflective badge on the M-51 jacket – both great for strutting solo or pairing with other pieces. Designer and founder Agnès Troublé’s signature monochrome stripes could also be seen on pieces for homme and femme for more timeless looks.

Classic Denim with Natural Dye

Taking the spotlight in the SPORT b. 2023 Winter collection is the timeless denim, but with a Psyche Wave twist. The pieces in the collection are made from natural blue-dyed Ripstop, which are not washed, instead allowing the denim to naturally lose its colour – meaning each piece is a unique work of art.

Accessories Highlighting the Adorable DINO – a Y2K Must-Have

The minimalist and youthful Y2K look has claimed the world of fashion this year. The SPORT b. 2023 Winter collection has also jumped on the Y2K bandwagon with a number of bags, scarves and more featuring the signature, adorable DINO emblem plus key chains in bright hues like sapphire blue, orange and yellow – perfect for your stylish mixing and matching every day.

Aside from the above-mentioned key chains and thermal items, the SPORT b. 2023 Winter Collection also brings a myriad accessories that offer a minimalistic but playful twist to any look.

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SPORT b. 2023 Winter Collection_Functional Materials in Fashionable Pieces that can Brave the Elements
SPORT b. 2023 Winter Collection_Functional Materials in Fashionable Pieces that can Brave the Elements