19 Apr 2024 By May Ng

SPORT b. 2024 Spring/Summer Collection Crafting Cinematic Urban Fashion – Radiating Youthful Charisma

The new 2024 Spring/Summer collection from French fashion brand SPORT b. connects founder Agnès Troublé’s passion for cinema, drawing inspiration from movie dialogues and plots, as well as design elements from classic film posters and retro movie theaters, to create the “I want to see a film!” line. Crafting cinematic urban fashion and channeling the charming personality of urban youth. This season makes ample use of vintage black and white stripes and color blocked organic denim fabrics, paired with loose, comfortable silhouettes to present stylish and individualistic looks for urban men and women. Many pieces in the collection also specially feature recycled cotton, aligning with the brand’s consistent eco-friendly values.

The “Authentic” line makes ample use of founder and designer Agnès Troublé’s signature handwriting and landscape photos, combined with black and white stripes, classic SPORT b. logos, etc. to create a minimalist fashion aesthetic that connects to the brand’s unique timeless style. The all new SPORT b. collections specially feature sustainable materials, upholding the sustainable development philosophy of parent brand agnès b. The classic SPORT b. DINO logo is also presented in various designs and refined styles, creating the highly versatile “Essential” line with clean and minimalist fashion aesthetics.