25 May 2024 By May Ng

Weekend Max Mara Pasticcino Bag Treasures of Japan celebrates Japan’s rich tradition in the art of textiles and kimonos that goes back centuries

Abigail Cowen (@abbeycowen), Kiernan Shipka (@kiernanshipka), Olivia Holt (@olivia_holt), Coco Lee (@rilaccoco), AmiAya(@ayaxxamiaya), Alexandra Pereira(@alexandrapereira), Veronica Ferraro (@veronicaferraro), Lulu (@chicchiccheek) etc. were invited to attend the event and enjoyed a bespoke itinerary in Kyoto that reveals the artisanal excellence behind the new Pasticcino Bag Treasures of Japan. The event culminated with an intimate dinner on May 22 hosted by Ms. Nicola Gerber Maramotti, Max Mara Consumer Channel Director, held at the temple of Chishakuin, a vibrant center of Buddhist training, devotion, and community engagement.

The Pasticcino World Tour Treasures of Japan collection features special-edition bags that are crafted with sumptuous silk jacquards culled from the historical archives of Kawashima Selkon Textiles, a Kyoto-based fabric manufacturer established in 1843. With its wealth of certified artisans and combination of traditional techniques with advanced technology, the brand is renowned for its exquisite silks used to create the finest obis, formalwear and luxurious interior fabrics.

The bags are available in six variants and two sizes, each crafted in luxurious fabrics that depict unique patterns in delicate pastels, shades of matte gold, rust, and caramel. And each design has a story to tell: a pale pink floral pattern symbolizes fertility and life; flowers and birds form stunning arabesques; a re-visitation of a 1905 motif has imperial inspirations; a bouquet of peonies, roses, and buttercups is at once delicate and ornate. The painterly nuances of the linings also evoke the interiors of kimonos.

Adding a precious touch, the signature Boule clasps are handmade by craftsmen of the “Bottega Nakamori-Kumihimo”, an exclusive partner of “Ando Corporation” which has over 100 years of history in Kyoto. The Bottega’s artisans have been handcrafting obijime and haori cords for four generations since its establishment in 1927. One of the second-generation family members of the Bottega Nakamori-Kumihimo received the Medal of Honor from the Japanese government in 2001 for her contribution to traditional craftsmanship. The clasps are meticulously crafted intheir “bottega”, near Kyoto, with precious threads swathed around the ball in contrasting hues to create a graphic symmetrical effect.

Delicate yet strong, classic and contemporary – the two souls of Japan and Weekend Max Mara intertwine in each piece. Be transported into a dreamy dimension of faraway customs and bygone times.

The Pasticcino Bag Treasures of Japan will be available starting from June 2024.

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Abigail Cowen (@abbeycowen), Kiernan Shipka (@kiernanshipka), Olivia Holt (@olivia_holt), Coco Lee (@rilaccoco), AmiAya(@ayaxxamiaya), Alexandra Pereira(@alexandrapereira), Veronica Ferraro (@veronicaferraro), Lulu (@chicchiccheek)